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Beautify your house even in your busy schedule

With the busy schedule in our daily lives, most of us don’t get time to add that different look to our house. Although we want to decorate our house, but we can’t as we think that it is very time consuming. So why not keep this task for Holidays? But don’t worry; there are a few things that you could definitely do, that would add beauty to your house without consuming much of your time. There is a habit that most of us practice is that we buy things for our house but don’t know how and where to place it. So we keep it wherever we like it. This should be absolutely avoided. Use minimum amount of decoration, in that way the few stuffs you have will catch everybody’s eyes.

If you want to lighten up your house then lighting up the living room really helps. You can do that by adding candle lights or votive that will add a subtle beauty and give a cozy look. You can give your house a break from the normal LED lightings and replace those with colourful lamps, either on the table or in the corner of the room. This looks stylish at the same time.


Your kitchen should never be avoided. A beautiful kitchen gives a good feeling. The most important tip for making your kitchen look beautiful is that don’t hide the beautiful utensils that you have. Instead flaunt them. Keep your crockery and cutlery sets in glass cabinets that are pretty to look at. Or you can also make shelves and place those utensils. Also don’t avoid your dining table. Make it look stylish by placing coasters or a crystal vase with fresh flowers.


You can also create some simple center pieces that look unique. Pick up a long, slender shaped transparent vase and put a bunch of ferns in it. This looks very refreshing and natural and you can also place painted pebbles inside the vase. Add a painting on one side of the wall that will bring out your taste.


Do not waste too much money on heavy curtains that matches your walls. Instead go for simple muslin curtains and fold them. You can even keep it in contrast. Let more light enter your room. Go for cushion covers that are funky and in contrast with the colour of your sofa. Avoid unwanted furniture’s. Make your house more spacious.


You can also go for wallpapers if you don’t want your house to paint like always. Wallpapers also consume less time and are very attractive. Go for different shades and design of your choice. We suggest you to go for floral prints when confused as it can go at all time of the year.


A small tip:
Always keep your room tidy and don’t just misplace things because untidy room does not look beautiful. Make sure things are kept at the right place and they do not create clutter. Anything that is tidy is beautiful.