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Buy art that defines your house

People nowadays have developed a certain liking for art, which they often display in their house. Selecting art pieces for your house is something that defines your personality and definitely your taste. Love for art cannot be forced, one has to have an understanding and liking for it. With so many art exhibitions nowadays buying an art piece has really become easy but then do you know what will look good for your house? The designers at Cee Bee Design Studio help you in your decision if you are a first timer when it comes to buying art that will make your house look beautiful. They accompany you while you want to by art and give suggestions as to what design will look good on your walls. There are a few things that the designers at Cee Bee want you to keep in mind when you are going to buy art pieces for your house.

While decorating your house art pieces adds a classic touch, be it on the wall or any beautiful decorative showpiece that you can keep on the table. An interior designer will help you to decorate your house on the basis of what you’ve chosen and how you’ve arranged. So when you go to buy an art piece for the wall then go for framed art as the beauty of the frame will add an extra charm. It will complement your home décor and enhance the beauty. It will also protect the pieces from getting damaged and is easy to move and clean at the same time. Also when you buy a frame always go for larger frames as your art will magnify when you see it in big canvas. Give it the maximum space on the wall.

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The most important thing to keep in mind while buying a piece of art is to define the purpose of your buy. A piece of art can reflect your mood and taste towards life. Don’t buy a piece of part only because you want to buy it. Buy something that complements your room and the people living in the room. for example, a bedroom needs a relaxing art painting as it is the place to relax so a painting of relaxing landscape or seascape painting would be appropriate. And for living rooms energetic paintings like rising sun or beautiful flowers is perfect. For dining rooms paintings for fruit, drinks, fruits or vegetables is appropriate as it will increase your appetite.

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The art piece that you are buying should always complement the colour of your wall. The art should be bought on the basis of the dominant colour that is there in the painting. That dominant colour should match the colour of your wall.

Also when you hang the art pieces, do that in groups. Our mind always loves symmetrical pieces. Hanging art in multiple pieces enhances the beauty of large walls and it also seems that you are telling a story through those pieces.

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Some essential tips from Cee Bee
Before you buy an art piece make it a point that you talk to few of the artists who will give you some idea on what to buy according to the space in your house, the theme of decoration and the background that you have in mind. Artists can always help you in such decisions.

Go for something that is very soothing and appealing at the same time.

Always go for brighter works when it comes to your bedroom or your living area. This adds a sense of positivity in the entire space.

Lastly, always buy what you love because it’s your house.