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Decorate your child’s room

It can be a real fun when it comes to decorating your child’s room. You can make it colourful and thematic at the same time. It is the only place where you can incorporate your ideas and creativity and make it look like a friendly environment where your kids can open up easily and have their own space. It is also a challenging task as well, as you need to take care of the interiors and make it according to your child’s nature and interests. Your child’s room should be designed in such a way that your child can run and play and be what they want to be without hurting oneself. The designers at CEE BEE have a few ideas that will help you to decorate the room for your child.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is to make the room a bit spacious. You always need to assure it the room is safe for your children as they will jump and play there. So you need to see that there are no sharp edges that will hurt your child. All the furniture’s, bed, tables should have rounded corners and even the walls should be soft. Keep the plug in points at safety heights and windows should be grilled properly. Smartly decorate it where there is scope for storage of things and see to it that things don’t lie scattered.


If you want to change the décor of your kid’s room then start by changing the colour. Adding a different colour excites them and what even attracts them the most is a thematic room that is based on their favourite character or story. Kids can relate to it. If you don’t want to paint consider printing out your kid’s photos and pasting it on your walls.


The most exciting thing to decorate a room for your kid is by creating an art gallery. You can place your kid’s art work or images on the wall that will keep his interest in his works. You can also keep a chalkboard wall where your kid can put up his ideas accordingly.


Always buy a furniture that is going to last. Spend money smartly and don’t waste money on toddler bed and its bedding. Go for furniture’s that grow with you child and accommodate things according to your child’s age.