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Decorate your house with signature style

We all want a signature piece in our home that will give a classy look to your house and will make all your friends admire it. But admit it after we have that signature piece we seem to be drastically confused on how to decorate the room that will complement the signature piece and make it look beautiful. Signature pieces create a main focal point within your house, by adding a desired element of interest and also adding the element of sophistication that you desire and which complements your personality. We at Cee Bee Design Studio help you to make your signature piece stand apart from all the other furniture’s you have in your house. We tell you how you should be decorating your house that will complement that signature piece of yours.

The first suggestion the interior decorators give is that when you place a signature piece anywhere in your house always remember that keep the room spacious by not overcrowding it with furniture’s. If the furniture is darker in shade keep your room a bit lighter in shade as it will contrast and add to the beauty of the piece. Signature pieces can be furniture, artwork, fabrics and colours that set a style in your room. Starting with the bedroom the signature piece that is mostly found here is a classic mirror that can be attached with the dressing table or a separate wall hanging mirror. It should be like that medieval looking mirror that defines elegance. Place the mirror beside the bed and keep a stylish looking chair that complements the beauty of the mirror. It can also be a wardrobe which will define your personality. Keep it at one corner of the room as wardrobes tend to occupy much of the space.



The most favourite signature piece amongst all classes is a stylish armchair or a lounge chair which is no doubt stylish but pocket friendly too. One classic arm chair is a must for all interiors. It can be placed anywhere, be it living room, bedroom, and guestroom. The one rule while placing this signature piece is that keep it separately where there is no furniture as a crowded room will destroy its look. A smallsee through mirror table can go with it but we suggest to keep it isolated and let it get its share of attention.



An artwork that you have bought from a gallery and you admire is also a perfect choice for the living room. If you are a person who loves art then you will definitely go for an intellectual piece that will define your personality. Our decorators help you to choose a signature piece that defines you. A beautiful looking house definitely has a chandelier that gives that wow look and is a must for every house. The antique chandeliers are always stunning which tend to keep your head always high in front of your guests.


source: shadesoflight