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Go funky with Family room

Family room that is also the living room doesn’t always have to be organized and styled in contemporary or modern style. It can be something that shows the world the child within you. Go funky with your family room as the kids might love it and you will definitely like the change. Kids love funky things and can connect with it. Here are some tips that can help you get that funky look for your living room.

First you need to paint your living room and the colour you choose should be bold and funky like fuchsia, lime green, orange, and bright blue and these colours will add spice to your room. You can also paint all the walls in one colour or can keep different colurs for different walls. Just keep in mind that the colours should co-ordinate with the stuffs in the living room.

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Then you need to get some funky accessories for your living room. This is the simplest way to give your living room a funky look. You can also incorporate some cool ideas like create design on the furniture’s and walls with sponge. Also you can get some cool furniture’s that have weird and cool shapes like a sofa that is shaped in a unique design like a bean bag. Add colourful cushions on the sofas as colour is always in.

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You also need to change the blinds or curtains in your living room and make it colourful instead of going with plain shades. So with beaded curtains in front of your window and you can also contrast colours and make it look unique.

When decorating the room do not forget the lightings that will add to the funky look. It is not necessary for you to go with floor lamps and desk lamps. Go for lightings that are really cool in shapes and designs. Use lanterns to add to that funky look.

Do not forget about the rugs which add that extra funkiness in your living room. There are different kinds of rugs available in the market with unique textures and design and also in different colours.