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Interior designing tips – modern kitchen interior

If you are planning to give your house a new look then why not include your kitchen in that plan? We often tend to ignore the kitchen as we think that is the area that won’t have visitors. But your kitchen should be a stylish place where you feel good while you are cooking. If you have a good environment then you would likely enjoy cooking even more. Just installing a modular kitchen is not sufficient but giving your kitchen a particular design is very important. And since modern design looks so sleek and stylish then why not go for it. Cee Bee Design Studio has done several projects when it comes to designing the kitchen and the interior decorators have a few ideas for you all to get that perfect modern kitchen.
The first thing you need to do is that you can get a modular kitchen that has a modern touch to it. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket and get those glamorous modular kitchens; you can simply buy functional modular kitchens according to your budget and give it a modern look. Keep in mind the colour as modern design does not mean bright colours. It should be classy like white. But since many people avoid white colours for kitchen then you can definitely go for grey colour in a little bit darker shade. You can also you metallic shades on the drawers. If you want to add colours then go for windows and doors. The frames of windows can be easily given a brown shade and the frames of the door as well.

You can also go for models that have wooden finish. Placing the dining table inside the kitchen or just near it gives a modern look. You can also use the counter in the kitchen as a table if you don’t have space. Place stylish sleek chairs according to the design in the kitchen.

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Accessorize the kitchen with frames that are quite artistic. We suggest you to go for paintings that are related to fruits or vegetables. That gives a unique look to the kitchen. Decorate the table with flower vase and a bowl filled with fresh fruits.

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The lightings should be simple and not too much of experiments should be done with them. Kitchen is a place where you want to have a good and clear look at the food that you are cooking. A colourful lighting is a big NO.

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The floors should be kept the way as it is. If it is wooden let them stay that way. If its tiles then you can buy designer tiles but don’t use rugs in the kitchen as it will be difficult for you to clean. For a different look you can anytime go for a chess pattern black and white squared floor pattern for your kitchen. The floor will also have a unique look.

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