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Interior designer ideas – Give you kid’s room funky look

Give you kid’s room that funky look This always happens that your kids especially those who are in their teens don’t usually agree with your choice of design in the house. They...


Interior designer ideas – contemporary home office

Home office is something that many if not all of us have it in our homes. It is not a place where you will do you work, but it is a place where you are definitely going to get visitors. And if...


Interior designer ideas – French look to your bedroom

They say that anything about French style is too romantic, be it the place, the brands, the dresses or the designs. French designs have those small details that give a big impact. And what better...


Give warm touch to your house in winters

In India some may love winters while others hate it, some feel they cannot do much activity during this time of the season while some welcome it with open arms. It is often seen in houses as well....


Traditional is in

There is a very big misconception about the traditional theme. People think that it goes only with festivals and that is why they prefer to wear traditional mostly during the festive season and try...