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Go funky with Family room

Family room that is also the living room doesn’t always have to be organized and styled in contemporary or modern style. It can be something that shows the world the child within you. Go funky with...


Small but functional bathroom

Your bathroom often seems to be the most neglected area in your house. You often pay full attention to all the rooms, on how to make them look good but you often avoid the bathroom by installing just...


Perfect colour combo in your house

No doubt black and white was a magnificent era but we can’t imagine our lives like that. We always want to add colours, be it our life, our wardrobe or in our house. Yes adding the perfect colours...


Give meaning to your walls

When it comes to decorating your walls people mostly try to simply do the decoration with paints but what they forget is to add a different style with innovative ideas on the walls. Wallpapers is a...


Buy art that defines your house

People nowadays have developed a certain liking for art, which they often display in their house. Selecting art pieces for your house is something that defines your personality and definitely your...