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Small but functional bathroom

Your bathroom often seems to be the most neglected area in your house. You often pay full attention to all the rooms, on how to make them look good but you often avoid the bathroom by installing just the basic requirements but ignore it when it comes to giving it a stylish look. Don’t forget your bathroom is at times the place where you get your best ideas. And another problem for you to avoid is often the space. We often see in Indian homes that all the rooms may be big but when it comes to the bathroom it is very small. Most of us can’t break it and rebuild it, so we have to think smartly and design it according to our convenience. Today we would give you a few tips on how to arrange and make your small bathroom look stylish without hurting your pocket.

You don’t need to add large furniture storage; instead you can make racks in the bathroom and cover it with a thin white fabric with flares that can hide your cleansing products. If you want to showcase shelves then remember that you have to decorate it with colourful accessories like vase, photo frames and towels of course. A ladder like shelf is a great option for storage and showcasing your style sense.

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A small bathroom should be functional, but often what happens is that a small space is always cluttered and thus you should make sure that you add only those design elements in the bathroom that are functional. Keep your towels and cloths in a basket beneath the wash basin. You can also make a cabinet in the wall and stack things in it. Display only few personal products and keep the racks less crowded.

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When you decide on colouring the walls of your bathroom make sure you use neutral colours as it will make aesthetically pleasing and give a calm outlook. You should create a base theme for your bathroom and that should be neutral. The textures and patterns should also be neutral as it would add depth. Try to keep a few things white as it is associated with cleanliness.

Add colourful hand towels and robes as it would brighten your bathroom and contrast with the neutral colours. Always keep designer soap cases as it would give a stylish look. A framed mirror would reflect your personality and style. And do not forget to add beautiful frames in front of your bath tub that should be contrasting with the colour of the wall.