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There is a very big misconception about the traditional theme. People think that it goes only with festivals and that is why they prefer to wear traditional mostly during the festive season and try to give their house a traditional look as well. But this is not how it works. Traditional style houses are in fashion these days and they look very classy. You can let people know about your roots through the traditional style. India is rich in culture so we should make the most of it while decorating our house also. Let everyone get to know your traditional side and here are some of the ways in which you can give your home a traditional makeover.

Start with upholstery to get the traditional look. See to it that the colour and design of the upholstery goes with the traditional theme. For that you have to go for Indian themes like Paisleys (ambi) or Warli print. This will add to the fusion and also contrast with your sofa sets. Traditional colours are usually bright so keep in mind while selecting the colour and print. The other important thing to get a traditional look is a good collection of rugs and cushions. India is known for its unique collection of cushion covers which are bright yet traditional. It goes very well with upholstery at the same time.

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If you are thinking of going traditional for your house then start with the curtains. You can have it in lovely silk or georgette texture and combine a plain curtain with a bright Indian printed one. If you are thinking of going with blinds instead of curtains then we would suggest you to go with Indian printed fabrics. The combination of curtains and fabrics also works.

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The best and simplest way to get a traditional look is to go for traditional paintings and sculptures. You can even have a bold artifact like a showpiece that will enhance the look of your particular space. You can even go for a vintage item but or a painting that shows your love for art. Also you can add small traditional accessories like earthen pots, hand-painted vases, carved wooden panelsand also images of Indian gods. And yes don’t forget to have your own collection of antiques.

When you are giving your house that traditional look then don’t forget about the lightings in your house. Go for lamps in particular areas that are going to brighten up the space. Indian prints on lamps are the most unique thing for traditional look and also chandeliers are amazing to brighten up the whole house.