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  • Amazing work , keep up the fab job & best wishes for future endeavours ... Cheers
  • We wanted to re-model living, dining space and update our kitchen for quite some time. We reached out to many firms in Bangalore, but they didn't quite understand our requirement. Dozens denied because they didn't do re-modelling and only take newly handover apartment, it was frustrating!! Hiring a designer has always been a scary leap for me, it was proving to be challenging until I met Chitra! Having watched her video of Kolkata property (Link - I knew she was the one! I immediately contacted Cee Bee Design for further consultation. Following our call, Chitra arrived and we began discussing what our dream living space would be like, I knew it was the perfect fit. She listened to what we wanted and shared her ideas and suggestions that proved she was a true professional with the talent and experience to take us through our project. She has amazing style and really listens to our input throughout the process. Since we were living at the same place while re-modelling happened, it was a challenge, Chitra and Team accepted and delivered it. I am reminded of how grateful I am that we found Cee Bee Design, every time I walk into my home. Not only just us our friends who visit us, they always compliment. She is very flexible about working within our budget and gave several pricing options to make sure we are comfortable with how much we are spending on each furniture/piece. I love that our spaces don't look forced or over-designed, just inviting! The entire process was delightful and she is very patient and just fun to work with! I would recommend Cee Bee Design to anyone who is looking to transform their space.
  • The entire experience from inception to completion was really fruitful. We particularly loved the involvement & dedication of the team in this project. The carpenter, Electrician, Furniture finish everything was above expectation. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to make an idea of the dream home come true.
  • Once again u have amazed me. The way you all utilize a space to make it look more lively n spacious. Hands down a great work, as usual. Keep up the good work.
    Youtube Subscriber about Santosh’s Mukherjee Project
  • Really classy. Again one of the best simplistic and modern kitchen design which is fully functional at the same time. How innovative this team is!!! Hats off to those who always deliver something diff every time with innovative ideas.
    Youtube Subscriber about Santosh’s Mukherjee Project
  • I have loved it to every nook and corner of the property. The material used for the 2 chairs, newspaper print, the knobs, the center table OMG i just can't stop describing things. Its soothing as well as quirky and fresh. Loved it to the core. I have recently started watching your videos and subscribed to your channel and mostly loved it all. You would definitely be first in my list when i would do the interiors in my property (if it fits in my budget for sure). Cee Bee designs you are doing a great job. All the best of luck to you.
    Youtube Subscriber about Divya’s Mukherjee Project
  • Wow once more you’ve done it Cee Bee. I love this 1bhk work done and the efforts taken to restore most of old furniture plus the knobs are always a highlight in all your videos makeovers. Just loved this house. Great job. You guys are all amazing!
    Youtube Subscriber about Ipsha’s Mukherjee Project
  • I just subscribed to your channel. I had been following your videos for some time now I must say your taste is wonderful. You definitely understand your client to the core. I have loved almost all of your designs.
    Youtube Subscriber about Samik’s Mukherjee Project
  • The 3D images & the actual images resemble too much in almost all the corners! Especially I would like to mention the kitchen, guest bedroom, the bed & the headboard area in master bedroom, daughter's study unit. Kudos you guys! You have done a really great job
    Youtube Subscriber about Samik’s Mukherjee Project
  • I am very keen about every single bits and pieces when it comes to home. I always used to think every interior designer has their own way of design which might be suitable to time and availability of material. But somewhere it could be compromise. But CEE BEE Design changed my perception. Every design of yours reflects personality of the owner. I have seen all of your videos. I love all of your projects except one or two. Specially the recent ones are outstanding. I think I got my dream home will come true with u guys. You and your team are fantabulous.
    Youtube Subscriber about Samik’s Mukherjee Project
  • The most beautiful house till now, the colours which are used gives good vibes, feel calm and relaxed, every corner of the house describe the people living in the house. Again you have proved that you are the best.
    Youtube Subscriber about Samik’s Mukherjee Project
  • We live in Hyderabad, is it possible for you to do the same over here? If so can you tell me if contact no. So that I can contact you , thank you and your work is simply wonderful .
    Youtube Subscriber about Tanmoy’s Mukherjee Project
  • Just lovely work in this old home. I thought the veneer ceiling starting at the front of the house and ending at the back was a wonderful inspiration, and with the integrated lighting it is a stroke of genius! Great choices in the furnishings, and in the manner in which you separated the house into distinct areas. I loved the bathroom tiles and haven't seen them anywhere installed as you have done in this house. Quite original. I noticed, however the beds were lacking lots of pillows to finish them off. Is that something that is done in India, (less pillows) compared to say North America? (In fact I think we may actually go too far the other way...too many pillows). Finally being from Toronto, I would have loved to see the view from the window, both day and night as well as how this lovely home was integrated into the surrounding area. Very enjoyable video and well presented! Kudos!
    Youtube Subscriber about Prasenjit’s Mukherjee Project
  • This is the first home decor Indian video that I have loved. Please do something that could fit a tight budget yet be as aesthetic and suited to what we have available. Because that's where the western home decor ideas fail us. We just don't have the access to the same things. But there's a lot we do have, and you just gave a wonderful example of that. All good luck with your projects. You are doing a wonderful job.
    Youtube Subscriber about Prasenjit’s Mukherjee Project
  • Awesome interiors. The designer has got the best of the taste and understands the European country style. After going through multiple videos online, got this. Stands apart from the rest. Very unique.
    Youtube Subscriber about Prasenjit’s Mukherjee Project
  • Having worked with Ms. Chitralekha and her team for various projects as well as my own residence, I would gladly recommend them for their professional attitude and contemporary designs.
    J.K. Infrastructure
  • Chitralekha has been working with Indiabulls for sometime now. I personally like her designs, concepts and extremely professional attitude. We are also on our way to finalize her firm as a service partner for some upcoming projects. I would recommend her to my business partners and friends anyday.
    CEO India bulls (Kolkata)
  • Hi Chitra, I loved all the designs and ideas I'm happy with your work execution and finish and appreciate the Bangalore team's effort.
    RM Nagar, Bangalore
  • Hello, I am giving you the contact details for Chitralekha who is in charge of 'Cee Bee Design Studio'. You can trust her completely with the keys and agree a fixed price and the jobs you want done. I highly recommend her to do these types of jobs.You pay half upfront and the rest as work progresses, my project was complete n 6 weeks’ time as was promised.There are other operators who may be a little cheaper but with horrific results!! Good luck.
    Australia (for his apartment in Kolkata)
  • CeeBee was recommendated to me by my brother as they had done the interiors for his apartment and I can say that my family is very happy with their work and the final look. My daughters are very excited with their new rooms. We wish CeeBee and Chitra the very best.
  • Very happy with the end result exactly what I had in mind. Also the support and service is excellent, since I live in Durgapur this process could have been dificult but they were so efficient with thir regular, updates, reports and psite pics that was totally relaxed. Would refer CeeBee to all my friends & family.
  • I was very impressed by some of the earlier works they had done and so gave them the work of decorating my restaurant. It was not a bog place and I wanted to have the open kitchen concept which could have been complicated but Team Cee Bee pulled it off. I am happy with the end result.
    Owner Orchid Bar-B-Que
  • We would like to thank you for the excellent job carried out in our apartment. It’s worth mentioning that we were really amazed to see the similarity of the 3D design and the end result. It’s really superb. Since we are residing out of Kolkata, initially we were doubtful regarding the follow up, quality of goods and craftsmanship, but thanks to you and your team, that we were never out of the project. We appreciate the constant update from your team. Thanking you and your team once again and wishing all the best to Cee Bee Design Studio in all your future projects.
  • Cee Bee Design Studio has done a good job from 3d design perspective, as well as from project execution perspective. Chitralekha & her team has a very good sense of interior decoration. When initially we went to Cee Bee Design, we had some ideas ourselves, but someone was needed to visualize the same, & as well as implement those. The Cee Bee Design team is able to realize our ideas pretty good. Though there were some intermediate hickkups, but eventually the project got executed successfully. Special thanks to Chitralekha, Mithu, Divya, Priyanka, Samarjit & team, RK. And last but not the least, the living & den area false ceiling design & implementation is very impressive.
  • Great Designs and work done in a very process oriented manner. Will recommend them to everyone
  • Super happy with the work done. I wish them all the best.
  • I am Sanjib just saw your work specially the Brits countryside look that you have given to Mr. Mukherjees apartment in Kolkata. I got to tell you this the way you have created a concept and implemented an imaginative creation from mind to reality is just awesome. I am damn impressed Miss. Biswas cheers to your art work. It's priceless.
  • I stay in Hong Kong and so when I decided to get the interiors done I was looking for someone who not only had the technological knowhow and aesthetic sense but also someone whom I could totally trust to make critical decisions. CEE BEE did a splendid job, I am especially impressed with the coordination work they did, as the process was so transparent and there were constant weekly updates from the team and Chitra is a total perfectionist and the result is here for all to see. My best wishes to them and will strongly recommend them to any homeowner.
  • We would like to congratulate and thank Ms Chitralekha Biswas and her young and energetic team for doing the interiors of my apartment in a very professional manner. The 3D designing and the final appearance of our apartment matched to our satisfaction. A special word of praise for Mr Prabal Dutta ( project manager) for a wonderful coordination and displaying a very sincere approach and effort towards dealing with all the demands that we had as clients .Our best wishes for Cee Bee Design for all their future projects.
  • It was my first experience working with CEE BEE. It has been a wonderful journey, seeing my apartment becoming a home in their hands, the team is very professional and good job done. Thank You!!
  • It was another fruitful project with CEE BEE Design Studio led by Chitralekha and her team of young professionals. Although at times there were challenges but all thanks to Mahek,Sujoy and their team Lead Shiv who worked on this projects for quickly resolving any of the issues on my behalf as I am currently based out of Tokyo. I recommend the team and Chitralekha as a reliable partner for interior makeover or doing interiors for new projects.
  • Rated 4.5/5 based on 19 customer reviews