Designing Rustic European Country Look for a Bangalore Home

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February 11, 2020

Designing Rustic European Country Look for a Bangalore Home

It’s not every time you connect with your client while creating the perfect design for their home. This abode in Bangalore had been special for us as Divya, the homeowner, just turned out to be another design soul sister for us.

Divya was in search of interior designers in Bangalore and got in touch with us after seeing one of our videos. When we walked into her home for the first time, we felt it was already pretty good. They just wanted to spunk it up a little bit. And we think from the word go, we connected with Divya.

Though it was done in breaks, with the makeover we gave, the final output turned out to be a fine masterpiece.

The Foyer

As you would walk into the home, you would notice the back end of the door. It’s extremely classy as it has been given a very country look. Yet it is going very well with the vibrant décor.

The door has the antique charm written all over it, done in shades of turquoise blue, the back end of the door represents sheer elegance.

The shoe cabinet has shutters which are actually linen made. It is something that we tried for the first time and we’re so happy that it worked out well. We matched it with leather handles which actually Divya herself chose.

When you have inputs from the client itself on how they want a certain space designed, the work becomes easier for us. With Divya’s choice of leather fitting the shutters perfectly, the foyer’s design turned out to be tasteful.

The Living Area

There’s a small partition that acts as a visual separation between the living area and the foyer. You can actually look through the whole living area and what will hit you when you get in first is the brick wall.

We actually bought bricks and then left them to their own texture with a very simple whitewash finish to give the wall a very rustic look.

Divya’s home had no windows apart from the one which actually looks onto the internal corridor. So we went ahead to create this fake window with a printed wallpaper inside it which gives it a very old English look.

With the fake window concept, our agenda was to create an illusion of opening in the living area.

We really experimented a lot with furniture design in the living area. If you look at the side tables and the coffee tables, they are very exquisite. The French décorhas mixed up very well with the country look.

These were done keeping in lieu to create an exquisite look, very country but modern. The wooden side table with the antique landline telephone placed on it transports you to another age and another time.

It is very important to design the interiors of a home in accordance with the client’s personalities. And going by that instinct we gave the TV cabinet wall wallpaper of the world map. And with shelves neatly craved on the wall, they serve as shelves to hold keepsake of their travels.

The knobs are exquisite and‘antique’ as they say themselves. The cabinet is being very simple with Duco paint and a little bit of white molding and a very pale yellow color at the back to bring out the whiteness of the image.

The armchairs bring in a fresh look to the living section. And they add colours to the room. Done in sober colours, the print of butterflies and birds add life to the living. Experimenting further, we went ahead with the newspaper print and used it with a flair in the seating arrangements. The newspaper print goes well with the fake window concept.

The ceiling and the flooring though might seem very bland but they add the touch of class and elegance to the living area.

The Dining Space

We wanted to create a visual partition in between the living area and the dining space. We went for artifact shopping to fill up the TV unit and we came across this gem and then built the banister around it and attached a lampshade beside to give the space an ethnic kind of look.

While walking from the passage, the banister creates the idea of walking into an entirely different section.

For the dining area, we got a proper wooden dining table. No fancy and no frills but it looks classic. Dining area is done in a very simple manner with all the necessary items upclose, the area was done giving utmost importance to elegance over extravagance.

The space also has a small cabinet rocker unit. Since Divya already had a beautiful unit to fit in the dining area, it was fun for us to create a design around it. This way we utilized what was already existing rather than making the client spend more for something that was not really needed.

The Kitchen

The first thing that will attract you in the kitchen is the flooring. The Moroccan Bahai pattern tiles look quite new and it drives all the attention towards the design of the flooring.

The Cee Bee team worked really hard to come up with the Rustic European Country design. The abode really gives a typical English feel and gets you to a very different era. It represents the home owner’s signature style.

Divya in her one to one interaction with us expressed her gratitude and satisfaction. Being someone who already has a fine taste in designing, she said, “It was worth all the pain we have taken and it all looks so gorgeous. It’s so beautiful. It just looks like you’re in completely different space or in a different era altogether. It doesn’t look Indian or fall into the countryside run. It’s a mixed up the style and it has come out really really well.”

As we handed over our final work to Divya she was a satisfied client and we were happy because we created a cozy country like home, just like they wished for. They envisioned a home of their dreams and we designed the home fulfilling their dream.

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