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Specialises in European, Indian and Modern Homes

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Cee Bee Design Studio, reputed home interior design company is an Indian home grown brand that speaks of versatile interior styles blended with Indian roots. Aiming to keep homes functional and beautiful we are committed to decorate your home your way through the luxury of customisation. We are one of the most exclusive interior design firms in Bangalore, Kolkata & Goa. We aim not only to transform the space which we deal with, but also transform the lives of those who work with us.We aim to design your home your way! A home that tells your story, your journey as a family, your personality and aesthetic choices that reflects your lifestyle.

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English Country Style

Mia-das Project

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Mia-das Project

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Client Meet & Brief

We simply get to know you first; your likes, your design preferences, things that you definitely want as part of the design, your budget. This is going to be a collaborative effort so we feel it is very important that we get to know each other.

Designing your dream home should be an enjoyable process and we try to work out the best possibilities for your dream home. Our methodology of work is simple and easy to follow.

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Layout & 2D

A 2D layout drawing is done on the basic floor plan of your space and adds a furniture layout which gives you a better understanding of which goes where, percentage of empty space. We visit the site and take measurements so that we can start work on the 2D layouts based on specifics, our team does a recce of your property to get clarity on your space. If the property is not available we sometimes work with floor plans provided by clients and actual picture/video of property for visual reference.

Present & Approval : We present the layout at this stage to the client who in turn needs to approve the concept, budget & layout and give us a go ahead for either 3D or execution.

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3D (Optional but recommended)

3D takes the 2D Design to the next level- decorate the interior, optimizing the furniture arrangement and making decision super easy on a wide range of things like colour choices, finishes, furniture etc.

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Scheduling & Procurement

At this stage we create a detailed schedule of work both for the internal project team and for the clients and we also create an Expense sheet with the budget and requirement in mind.

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Deed OF Agreement

All designs, plans and costing are approved by the homeowner at this stage, along with schedule of work and the advance payment is made.

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Our team of interior designers, skilled laborers, electriciansstarts their work on the project. The homeowners will be given update about the progress in the site by the project coordinator and about other changes if any.

We will share constant update photos and any changes at the execution level will also have to be informed to the client.

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Happy Handover

This is self-explanatory. We aim to have happy handovers every time.

Transforming Spaces Transforming Lives.

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Our Services

We're providing enhanced interior designing services

CEE BEE Design Studio is one of the fastest growing interior designing companies. Whether you are looking for an interior designer we are just a phone call away (+91 9038043894). We have a presence in Bangalore and Kolkata. We have completed over 600+ residential projects and more than 200+ commercial projects. We are proud that we operate in a complete corporate set up that enables us to effectively focus and ensure quality, competitive price points, schedules and dedicated customer service.

We are specialising in Interior Decoration and Turn Key Execution of Interior Works. Having years of experience with us, we are the right balance between efficient planning and customised creativity. Our motto is to keep the clients requirement and budget in mind and give a qualitative result on time. Transforming Spaces. Transforming Lives.

Turnkey Projects

Get the design from us and let the magic be delivered by our trusted execution team and partner network. Happy handovers over 600+ residential and 200+ commercial projects. We have industry best team of interior designers. Our motto is transforming spaces transforming lives.

Design Consultation

If you are based in a city we are not currently located or want to handle to handle the execution yourself. You can avail our Design Consultation Services. We will work on 2D and 3D layouts based on your design brief and the available floor plan.

Consultancy and Supervision

Here CEE BEE will do the design including 3D and then create a estimate based on finishes selected in the execution phase a supervisor will be allocated to take the project to completion. Materials and other labor will be sourced by the homeowner. We will guide them through the entire process. We will also assist in selection of vendor and supplier

Happy Handover