Vibrant Indian Home

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Cee Bee Design

June 12, 2021

Vibrant Indian Home

This property belongs to a lady who lives in the bay area. Her mother was residing in Kolkata till about a couple of years ago when she lost her. This home that she has in India she wanted to preserve in memories of her mother and her childhood. When she called us for a consultation and we looked around the furniture it was Chitralekha’s idea and Cee Bee design studio prides itself in being able to manage memories and heirlooms and the respect and history behind each furniture. So we tried to restore each bit of furniture and the challenge was to refurbish it but keep it usable and functional at the same time. We did not want to make it too heavy since old furniture is made of wood often become too heavy. The space we had was not enough so light colour furniture yet keeping it glamorous.We achieved that very well and the Client also loved the final result.

The home speaks of her memories and the time with her mother and yet is a beautiful, vibrant and a fresh look to it. She loves entertaining her friends when she is in India.

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