Crafting Futuristic Workspaces: A Journey into Commercial Space Designing in Bangalore


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Feb 07, 2024

a sleek office desk with a wooden top, perfect for a modern workspace

The modern workspace is evolving with the evolving needs of companies and their employees, as the world dives into an ever-advancing age of technology and digitalization. Workspaces can no longer function without including the latest features that today’s executives and managers need to operate efficiently. To this end, intelligent interior design that helps to allocate every crucial component in its right place is the only solution to creating workable and functional office spaces.

In a city like Bangalore, where there is a company born every minute and the competition is cut-throat, corporate bodies need the best office infrastructure and resources that will help them generate revenues. Thus, office interior designers in Bangalore like Cee Bee Design Studio, are providing a key service that is helping to establish the foundations for a better tomorrow!

Let us take a dive into the world of commercial space designing, through the lens of our latest Zuari project, which we completed in record time!

What Are The Crucial Elements Of Modern Commercial Space Design?

Unlike many may think, commercial space design is miles different from residential space interior design. The requirements of both are different, hence they have to be dealt with differently. Let us take a look at some of the key factors that we consider at Cee Bee Design Studio:

• Nature of Business
a business office with a prominent poster of a man and woman, symbolizing professionalism and teamwork

The first and foremost thing is to understand the nature of the business which will take up the office space. As an interior designer, one has to first determine the message that is to be projected to the customer. For obvious reasons, such considerations are not made with residential projects.

For instance, a banking firm should project firmness and stability, and the design language used will reflect that. On the other hand, if we have a company that deals with baby products, the design language to be used would be in line with that, a world of comfort, joy, and care! Thus, at Cee Bee Design Studio, the team makes every associated decision based on the nature of the business.

In the case of the Zuari project, a sleek and suave look, using a lot of leather upholstery and classy color tones helps to highlight the professionalism as well as success of the business venture.

• Customer Interaction
a modern workspace with sleek furniture, vibrant colors, and ample natural light

Another crucial element is how much customer or client interaction might be there. One may not think these matters, but it is a practical decision to be made. If an office will not invite any customer engagement, the design elements need not reflect the company values, unless the company wants it to be so.

Moreover, with the prospect of customer interaction, comes the consideration for waiting areas for them, and means to keep them engaged. Thus, separate space has to be allotted for that, and the design has to be tweaked to make room for all of it.

With the Zuari project for example, since it is a multi-business company, it would naturally attract a lot of clients and customers. Thus, to project an outward show of success and riches, the design team decided to go with a muted royalty theme, using a lot of beige and gold tones, along with sleek lines all around to project sophistication and security.

• Open and Closed Workspaces
office cubicles in a spacious open area, providing privacy and a productive work environment

As a trend, open workspaces have taken over the business world due to their visual simplicity and transparent outlook. However, there always remains the need for private meetings and conferences at times for company executives and so on. Thus, Cee Bee Design Studio has always balanced the two to wed functionality with aestheticism. To this end, the team has always made sure that there is room for both requirements and that the necessary infrastructure can be made possible within the available space.

With the Zuari project, one may notice that there are semi-closed workspaces for the employees with a table-sharing option, while there are other meeting and conference rooms that provide the benefit of a closed-door meeting when needed. Moreover, the design theme has been maintained throughout, from the upholstered office chairs to the beige and gold leather look. It is carried forward into the manager’s office as well as the meeting rooms, making for a seamless experience.


If you are looking for futuristic office designs that will captivate your clients as well as provide the functionality required for your employees to efficiently operate, Cee Bee Design Studio is the best choice for you!

With more than a decade of experience in commercial space interior design, we bring our unique insights and exceptional proficiency to every project of ours. As a turnkey interior designer service provider, we are one of the few to provide the highest professional standards. Work with the most innovative and futuristic commercial interior designer in Bangalore today!

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