Bohemian Style Interior Design

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July 15, 2022

Bohemian Style living Room

With so many colourful elements, this living room is an inimitable example of bohemian style. The red sofa with thick padding is versatile and provides a cosy spot for your guests and you. The centre table with a sleek brown top is simple and purposeful. The vivid backdrop of the living room gives an ornate and comfortable feel. It is the mis-matched colours of the elements that bring out the bohemian feel.

Unique White Marble Dining Table

The style integrates an eclectic mix of textures, patterns and colours. This unique dining table can be the focal point of your room. The orange padding chairs and simple white marble table-top gives a refreshing look. The accent added in the form of a mirror bordered in a different shade of orange enhances the beauty of the set-up.

Queen Size Bed Designs With Earthy Wooden Finish

Unravel an ethnic charm in this queen-size bed with net posts. It has a charming look and is hand-carved by our artisans. The net-posts have been given a floating effect by creating a frame from the head and the foot side of the bed instead of the sides. It has been given an earthy wooden finish which augments in the pastel blue backdrop of the room.

Chic Chest Drawers Design :

The headboard of the bed made of vertical wooden panels gives a rugged look. An outline of blue frame in the headboard enhances the wooden effect. The colour white easily blends into any background, just like this chic chest-of-drawers beside the bed. The drawers are of different sizes and quite functional for storing different things. The gold metal fixtures in place of knobs gives an artistic feel.

Metal Handles in Gold Wardrobe Design

The style is an opportunity to experiment with quirky fittings and vibrant colours. This light blue cupboard has been designed to give a panelled effect. Made from premium quality wood, this is an interior double-door which alleviates the set-up. The simple metal handles in gold are both practical and elegant. A functional lock has been placed in it that matches the metal door handles.

Trending Interior Doors Colors

These two unusual coloured single interior doors match the painting of the wall-borders. In colours of green and purple, the two have been given a matte effect. The faintly painted crème walls in the background enhance their colours and give them a distinct look. The metal door handles are simplistic and in golden colour.

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