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Feb 16, 2024

a cozy cafe with a bicycle parked outside, inviting customers to enjoy a warm cup of coffee and relax.

We can see a sudden increase in the number of cafes popping up in various corners of the cities these days, especially in metropolitan cities. With this comes the steep competition in the hospitality industry. So, the challenge here is to be unique with not just food and beverages but also the interior designs to make it Instagram-worthy and attract more crowds. The interior designs of present-day cafes exhibit a diverse tapestry of styles, traditional charm, and contemporary flair.

Overall, India's cafe interiors showcase a dynamic synthesis of design, reflecting a rich cultural tapestry within the modern coffeehouse experience. This is why an interior designer company like Cee Bee Design Studio is working hard to deliver uniqueness and excellence to constantly update itself with the changing cafe design scenario.

Enjoy the Stunning Interior of Kyurius Café

a restaurant with outdoor seating, featuring a table and chairs, providing a pleasant dining experience.

At Cee Bee Design Studio, the luxury interior design company, we embrace the essence of innovation, creativity, and adaptability in every project that we undertake. So, the work with Kyurius Cafe in Bangalore was no different. Our team of experts took care of every little detail to create a masterpiece that speaks about the brand and its aesthetics. From seating arrangements to lighting and wall cladding, from choosing an eclectic theme to mixing it with a classic English countryside vibe to modern accents - the interior design of Kyurius Cafe houses vibrance, class, aesthetics, and a beautiful balance between vibrance and sober.

Let's discuss the special features of the interior design of Cafe Kyurius by the interior designer of Cee Bee Design Studio in Bangalore, like the Classic English Countryside Vibe, Modern Accents, and Clear Molding Lines in the Ceiling and wall Panels with Wall Cladding.

Classic English Countryside Vibe:

a vibrant outdoor seating area with colorful chairs and tables, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

With us, you may fully experience the timeless allure of a traditional English countryside setting. Our interior designer skillfully combines the classic charm of rural living with contemporary utility. Every little element, like the elaborate door mouldings or the Victorian-style toilet and washbasin, has been thoroughly thought out. The conversion of an abandoned building into an amazing haven required the deft integration of Tudor timbers and veneer ceilings while maintaining the building's historic integrity. Experts at Cee Bee Design Studio incorporated that style and fused it with the old-world charm of the English countryside into the interior design of the café.

Captivating Entrance and porch

a black wrought iron gate adorned with vibrant flowers and lush plants.

When visitors approach the entryway, they are greeted by a charming entryway. An appealing ambiance is created by the design's seamless integration of warm tones, soft lighting, and creative features. Plants are placed thoughtfully to improve the aesthetics and create a memorable dining atmosphere. The boundaries between the cafe's indoor and outdoor areas are blurred by the lush potted plants and cascading greenery that cover various places.

Spatial Arrangements and Layout

a charming balcony adorned with colorful flowers and inviting chairs, creating a serene and relaxing outdoor space.

Kyurius Cafe seems wide and airy because of the skillful spatial plan optimisation by Cee Bee Design Studio. The arrangement of the sitting sections preserves the overall feeling of space while enabling a more personal dining experience. Sleek dining chairs with small round table sets are a great choice for furniture since they balance comfort and flair and complement the overall design sense.

Clear Molding Lines in the Ceiling:

Ceiling Moldings are Light and easy to install and used as a decorative frame for the ceiling. These are also used to mask imperfections on the line between the wall and the ceiling. This is also used as a cornice which optically lowers the interior and when lit up raises the ceiling. Our interior design company decided to utilize this feature to accentuate the size of the cafe and to add art in place of normal ceilings.

Creative Lighting Concept:

kyurius cafe offering a charming and inviting atmosphere for customers.

Our team of interior experts offer excellent lighting, which is crucial for establishing the ideal mood. The creative lighting scheme highlights various sections of the cafe with an inventive utilisation of concealed lighting, hanging lights, and well-placed spotlights. Natural light streams into the room during the day, and the lighting changes in the evening to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Wall Panels with Wall Cladding:

Wall paneling is generally made from solid wood. However, the purpose of wall cladding is to simulate the appearance of any material on a wall, be it brick, wood, or another. Wall cladding is a type of decorative covering intended to make a wall look like it is made of a different sort of material than it is. We at Cee Bee Design Studio incorporated the wall cladding with the wall panels, creating an illusion. This played a crucial role in the classic English Countryside style with a touch of contemporary keeping the decor minimal yet strong.


We at Cee Bee Design Studio kept the ambiance captivating. Each corner tells a unique story - that is what we aim at as people get attached to the stories, warmth, and vibe that emanates from the walls, ceilings, furniture, and colors of the space. Our luxury interior design company work hard to bring out the life of space, making it alive. If you wish to transform your cafe into your dream space, collaborate with us and help us deliver your dream with excellence.

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