Showcasing a 3BHK Modern Contemporary Home Interior Design

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March 9, 2023

Showcasing a 3BHK Modern Contemporary Home Interior Design

CeeBee Design Studio is one of the best interior design firms out there for modern and contemporary style homes. This design firm has completely revolutionised how we perceive the idea of the latest designs and home decor. They have made a complete makeshift in the industry. Being a pan-Indian company, their diverse range of work portfolio is quite impressive.

You can take a look at the decor in this project and understand how even a big 3BHK apartment can have such unison and diversity within the same design project. Take a look at this project by our contemporary interior designers.

Modern Contemporary Home Décor

This 3BHK home has a fun mix of both country and contemporary elements. The love for Indian art and its authenticity is well reflected in the wall art. With this fantastic bedroom, CeeBee Design Studio has yet again proven that ideas cannot be contained in a single box. Themes are meant to be experimented with.

It is the perfect fusion for any modern-day bedroom. Our interior design company left no stone unturned in making this a perfect bedroom.

This bedroom's wow effect comes from the stunning royal and rich colours that contrast with the extended headboard's white colour scheme and eccentric storage.

Foyer and Living Space

A splash of colour and stunning modern style. The wooden divider also serves as decoration. The sofa's shade of blue complements the walls' shade of blue beautifully. The use of exquisite lighting enhances the whole décor theme. It is really a blend of how efficiency and aesthetics can go hand in hand. They have been beautifully blended together to give the home an extraordinarily beautiful look. Additionally, there are the curtains which bring out some elegance in the space.

The small table fits just right in the space. It is neither too small nor too big. The space looks big because of the white and light-themed walls. The lighting makes the furniture and furniture pop quite well.

Coming to the foyer, the entrance has been lit with bright turquoise. This colour against the oak wood panel design creates a beautiful first glance at the home. It is indeed a great first impression for anyone to put their eyes on. The small Buddha artefacts in the entrance make the area quite jazzed up too.

For this home interior design; the foyer unit has been expanded to inculcate a puja unit as well.

A Game of Vivid Colors

If you take a look at the kids’ room, it is a straight entry to a fantasy world. The main execution of this has been keeping in mind the wild and evolving nature of a child’s brain. There is always scope for learning, enthusiasm and a lot of self-exploration.

We have also kept the colours and decor quite customised catering to the child.

The bed is also something unique and new. The wall arts and colors are very catchy and will keep the children intrigued.

For customised home designing solutions, reach out to CeeBee Design Studio. Our team of expert interior designers will be happy to assist you further.

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