Creating a Sober, Classy Look for A 2BHK Apartment in Bangalore

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March 17, 2020

We met our clients Tejas and Supriya about a year and a half ago, when their apartment was still under construction. It was actually an advantage to our team of top interior designers in Bangalore as we could decide the layout with ease.

The best thing about designing this home was that our tastes were pretty similar. They wanted a classy, sober look with white, wood and just some splashes of colour and we loved working with and for them.

Living / Dining Room

As you enter the house, the wall straight ahead is sure to capture your attention as it’s intended to. It’s a focus wall with some really old pictures that are very close to Supriya’s heart. It took us a while to decide on the final colour of the wall because she wanted a particular colour and we ended up with yellow which she eventually locked upon.

Moving ahead, we have a dining and a Pooja unit with jaali design and frosted glass design. They wanted a small Pooja unit and we delivered just that.

Moving ahead, we have a dining and a Pooja unit with jaali design and frosted glass design. They wanted a small Pooja unit and we delivered just that.

We opted for a sober look yet again with white and wooden finish. The finishing has been done on quite good level because it’s a visible storage at the top keeping the space sense.

As we walk down the passage, we have another set of storage with a seating space in between keeping the shelves of glass completely visible from all sides.

Then, we have the TV unit. It’s matched up with the whole white and wooden look with just a strip of black glass with simple white panel to house the TV and since this was the corner so we decided to utilise it and attached the crockery unit area along with the TV. The connect look of both the units has turned to be really nice.

The Kitchen

Talking about passage to the kitchen, we made some changes here. Originally, there was a window here so we removed that, made a breakfast counter and an opening. We also removed the door for the kitchen entrance giving it a open kitchen kind of feel.

The breakfast counter gives us a glimpse into the kitchen which is again, very sober, and classy with white and wooden finish. Right from upper cabinets to the bottom drawers and cabinets, the whole look is quite classy and modern at the same time.

The Bedroom :

The Guest Bedroom

We wanted to keep the look of this room very light yet vibrant. Turquoise is an uplifting colour that adds a lot of vibrancy. So we kept the simple theme of turquoise and white. We wanted to keep this room very much empty on the floor space since, only the elderly couple are going to stay in this home so to make their job of cleaning and maintaining it easier, we suggested for a lift up bed and they liked the idea.

We have provided storage and a loft above the bed. The ceiling of the room is simple with tray lights, bringing in just enough light in the room.

Our favourite part of the room is the wardrobe. It has glass at the backside and jaali in the front with simple, twisted bronze handles.

The Master Bedroom –

The best thing about this room and our personal favourite is again, the wardrobe. It’s a matte finish, the one we prefer and recommend the most. The rest of it is acrylic and wooden finish.

The Parent’s Room –

This one is a little unique. We wanted to keep the bed and the wardrobe on one wall so we can keep the other wall free for the study and dressing area. The bed was slotted in the section between the two wardrobes so we wanted to keep it light and simple. We have three simple spotlights behind the ray panel if you want something dim and very peaceful.

On the opposite side of the bed, we have a simple panel for TV, again you will see the repetitive theme of classy white as we wanted to keep the whole look sober and did not want to add many colours and make it loud.

The end result was that we at CEEBEE Design Studio with our talented team of interior designers in Bangalore were successful in creating a classy, sober, elegant abode just like how the client wanted it. It is our main motto to give the client what they want. They envision it and we create it. And we feel we were successful in our aim with this home in Bangalore.

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