European Country Style Home Design at Kolkata

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March 24, 2020

When our team from CEE BEE Design Studio first saw the project, it needed a total makeover. With our ideas clear to create an elegant, cozy, country-style home, we went ahead. It is very challenging to work within a small space but our team of interior designers in Kolkata always welcomes challenges. Here’s a journey through the home of the Mukherjee’s.

The Kitchen Area

Pure wood with matte finish dominates the interiors of the kitchen area. Wooden tiles are used to give the section a rustic look.

The kitchen is equipped with all the modern appliances, but the look we have given it is very Country. The hidden cabinetry with vintage finish adds to the beauty of the kitchen area. The kitchen has an integrated refrigerator.

The Living Area

A full veneer ceiling starts off from the entrance and goes till the finishing line. The abode has two living spaces. One formal and the other informal, giving the sections a very English Country look. With elegant vintage furnishing, one living area is designed to enjoy quiet evening conversations and the other living area section is for TV viewing.

The furnishing is mostly of wood finish and it lifts up the look of the living area section. The flooring is brown in color. The living space literally is given a ravishing retro look.

The Balcony

The USP of the property is the view from the balcony and everything including the furniture seating has been designed taking in regard the view.

The view from the balcony is aesthetically beautiful. With a small coffee table and chairs right in the center, the balcony is the best spot to watch the hustle bustle of the city of joy Kolkata.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom door is custom made with a veneer wooden frame and white wood finish. With a poster bed, seating at one side and wardrobes, the master bedroom has turned out to be classy.

Finding old artisans from old Kolkata markets, we have got the plastic weaving done. The wardrobes are done with the same weaving pattern, for the design to flow smoothly.

The furniture work in the master bedroom is all distressed furniture. They have been worked upon, tempered with to create termite look finish.

The room has a veneer misaligned ceiling. The wooden floors give the room a warm, cozy and welcoming feeling.

The Bathroom

The tiles give a very country look. With bland tiles, the bathroom fittings are old fashioned going with the theme of European and old English style. The bathroom area has a shower cabinet section with a glass pane dividing the wet area from the dry area.

The Dining Area

The USP of the dining area is the ceiling. We have tried to replicate an old pirate ship map on the ceiling, giving the space a very rustic look. The artifacts were picked to match the aesthetics. The frame works are handpicked to match the look.

The space again has distressed furniture, the theme has been followed for the crockery unit too. With restored furniture, a pirate ship map on the ceiling, the dining area has an old charm look.

The Kids Room

The door to the room is unique. It is a sliding door but the channels are invisible. The room has a princess bed not in the usual pink. The chest of drawers placed is exquisite in itself. The furniture and accessories in the room do not match with each other, but it is more of putting things you like together and designing a room of your own.

The little girl’s room has a personal touch to it.

We at CEE BEE design Studios thoroughly enjoyed creating a unique, artistic, functional and modern abode. The client, a friend had the aesthetic sense to work with us in partnership. With inputs from the client, we designed a beautiful home.

The Mukherjee’s were very open to ideas and we are very happy with the end result.

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