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February 15, 2023

No matter what theme or style Indians incorporate in their home; it has a personal sense of attachment to it. Well, that is probably one of the reasons why Indians are called the most emotional bunch of folks around the world.

When it comes to home designing, your sense of aesthetics and style should reflect in its decor. That is what makes it so personal. CeeBee Design Studio had the opportunity to work on one such project. Our lovely client, Prosenjeet Mukherjee wanted a European-style home. However, at the same time, he was very specific about adding anecdotes of his own experiences and personal art taste in every element. It would be fair to say that you can find bits and pieces of him in every nook and cranny of the space.

Designing Style and Decor Elements in this Project

Mr Mukherjee has been an investment banker for over two decades. His aim was to merge the ideas of nature and culture of Kolkata in his contemporary home. The rustic and chic look comes from an English country look.

That is why the balcony pans to a 180-degree view of nature while the seating area there is quite elegant. Keeping up to date with modern trends we have tried to blend the healing and aspirational part of interior designs in most rooms. This is one of the unique projects where we did two living areas. One of the living areas has a distressed and quirky look. The other one has been done with a very sophisticated Chesterfield English purview.

The home has multiple elements where European and traditional themes coincide to create a space which is definitely head-turning. The space has a character of its own. Our team has worked very meticulously to maintain the color palette as well. There is a sense of personal touch to every nook and cranny. The Mukherjees were very open to suggestions, and we are very pleased with the final product. The colour of the kitchen is really distinctive and would not have been a natural choice for many clients.

The living room coffee table, the TV unit, the master bed and the wardrobe, all of which have the weave finish, the distressed dining table, and the side table in tiny Rene's room are some of the standout pieces for us. Each piece of furniture has been carefully chosen. Every door handle and curve, including the channel-less door for the daughter's room, was individually chosen or made for this property.

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