Funky Guest Room

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June 04, 2019

Funky Guest Room

We often think that we should give the guests room a more sophisticated look. This is the reason why we always prefer to go with contemporary or modern design to be on the safe side. We want to give a gentle picture to them. But guests room with this designs is too cliché. We should not forget that our guests will love anything that is innovative. The guest room should not be more formal rather it should be more casual. Guests should feel more relaxed in that environment. This is the reason why we suggest that one should often give the guests room a funkier look. This will be out of the box and more comfortable in the approach too. Interior designer in Kolkata at Cee Bee design studio feel that one should try and change the look of the guest room and not keep it monotonous. And with the summer holidays just around the corner one should definitely go for funky look for the guest room.

The first thing you should get is a big comfortable bed with colourful sheets on it. You can keep your guests comfort in mind by providing them a funky yet sumptuous looking bed. Keep in mind that the bed shouldn’t represent modern or contemporary look. If you are planning to get a new bed then do go for a bed that is shaped in a particular way, like a toy shaped bed, or a box shaped bed. This will definitely add to the look of your guest room.

For the walls don’t go for paintings of sceneries or a simple photograph, rather be innovative and use sign headboards that have something funny written on it. Be unique in your approach. Also you can put funny pictures of yourself or any person you admire. For accessories on the walls hang musical instruments like guitar or violin. You can also decorate it with colourful plates or sculptures.

Do not forget about the lighting in the room. It gives a different look to the room. Always use bright lights for the guest room and do not go for dim lights. Decorate the room with wire lights that are not that bright but look very beautiful and funky. Use a table lamp that has a funky design. If you want to go for a chandelier then you can get that in a funky shape like that of an airplane or a cage.

Try and make space for a book shelf in the guest room. Your guest might have a habit of reading. So showcase your best collection of books which consists of different genres. Do keep a book that describes your city well. Your guest might be interested in knowing. Get a shelf that is not too plain and has a funky design.

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