Get Nautical and Sail Around In Your Living Room

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July 11, 2019

Get Nautical and Sail Around In Your Living Room

Very often we feel like going on a voyage or making a beach house for ourselves. But these dreams don’t turn out to be true for most of us. But it shouldn’t be a big problem. So what we can’t get a maritime outside our house but we can definitely create the atmosphere within our house. There is no such décor that will look bad, if only one knows how to do it. Interior decorators feel that nautical interiors are something that is very uncommon and it presents the exploring nature of the people living inside the house. This kind of décor is very stylish and uncommon and very few of them have the guts to bring the feeling of the sea within one’s house. The interior designers at CeeBee feel have a few ideas for you, as to how one should decorate their living room with nautical theme.

Firstly you need to colour the walls of your living room either in maritime blues or dune-grass greens. These colours represent the colour of sea. You have to go for natural colours that represent nature. Also you can make navy and white stripes pattern on the walls which look classy. If you want to play with colours then do that with accessories and not on the walls.

Then comes the furniture’s. Choose a sofa that has stripes of blue and white on it. If you don’t want to change the cover of the sofa then you can get sailing-themed cushions for your sofa and bed. Hang colorful tires behind the sofa to add some colours in the room. You have to create an airy environment which you can do by decorating with soothing hues.

After all this come the accessories. Interior decorators feel that accessories are very important to give one’s house a nautical theme. Decorate your cabinet with shell covered jars or an image of an anchor on the wall or with beach glass accessories. You can also place a painting of a sailor on the wall or a seaside painting. Get a showpiece of a wooden carved boat and place it on the table in front of the sofa. If not boat then you can place a wooden craved light-house to decorate the area. Decorate the cabinets in the living room with books on sailing. To give the space more style, consider adding a distressed wood “treasure chest”, which you can utilize to sit or as a table.

The lighting is another important element while decorating one’s house. You can place lamp shaped candles to give that light touch of sea side house. If you want this effect in a greater way place candles on a chandelier. If you don’t want to go for those usual chandeliers you can make one with wood that looks like an anchor.

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