A Home in Bangalore Designed in Dubai Style

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July 11, 2019

It had been a lovely experience designing a home for the lovely couple Arpita and Joy in the electronic city of Bangalore.

They currently reside in Dubai but are planning to move back to India at some point of time. So we had to get a home ready for their visits here.

The home is special as we wanted to keep the opulence of what they are used to back in Dubai. So the interiors have the grandeur with the mixture of black, gold and hardwood. We have tried to keep it really subtle and classic going with the theme of the villa.

The abode would not just be construction with four walls but for Joy and Arpita it is going to be their home away from their current home. And with those intricacies set, we jumped right in, to design a beautiful home for this beautiful couple.

The Living Space

In the living space, we have kept a divine lounge with a classic three-seater and two-seater. As they are based in Dubai and we wanted to keep that level of opulence. The place is perfect for seating guests who would walk in to spend a lovely evening. While nowadays different colours are preferred for the upholstery of sofas, we went in for a classy white shade. The white settee enhances the look of the living room.

The furniture is all wooden, mostly wenge with gold carvings. The center piece coffee table is very intricate as the carvings reflect the Kashmiri style of wooden work.

With bright cushions placed on the upholstery the look is complete. The center piece coffee table with intricate designs looks sophisticated.

The ceiling has a simple tray with the lights coming out, giving it a very subtle yellow effect. It is simple and subtle but it gives the desired effect of attractiveness.

The Puja Section

We have gone ahead and created the perfect place of solace and peace with the Puja section in the abode.

The home has a small niche area beside the living area which we had identified as the best placement for the puja section. But we wanted to differentiate the section from the living space.So we created a four shutter French door. It opens up to the puja area.

The puja section is royal yet it’s very pure. We created that mixture by amalgamating white and the gold. We have used white marble and meenakari carving with gold to create the desired effect.

The mesh too creates a nice shadow effect. And the window by the side allows fresh breeze to flow in.

The Dining Area

For the dining area, we kept the same theme of black and white giving it a royal look. The upholstery again has been kept very subtle with a beige suede finish.

Also the best part of this area is the full stone cladding paneling. The intricate carving work is done with MDF Duco. It will draw anybody’s eye as they take a seat on the six seater dining table.

It has actually brought a different kind of a look in the dining area bringing in a little bit of texture and becoming the focus wall of the dining space.

The ceiling has a circular segment that is pretty much aligned to the dining table along with a very heavy and pretty chandelier. It has brought out that opulent look again in this space.

The Kitchen

The dining area opens up to the kitchen and this time we had enough space to play around with.

The shutters are again in the same wood finish of wenge with no variation in the color scheme.

We also created a corner kitchen cabinet which is very

space utilizing. It is functionally a very modern kitchen.

Utilizing the space in the right manner we created shelves for storage and equipped it with all the amenities of a modern day kitchen. With a chimney, sink, accessible countertop in place the properly ventilated kitchen area was done just like the rest of the home, simple yet classic.

The Bedroom

In the bedroom, we didn’t want to make things very heavy. The bedroom is completely equipped and functional. To make it stand out yet not look very heavy the mesh carvings on the ceiling create an artistic and aesthetic look.

We’ve replicated the same design in the wardrobe. The two shutters intersecting with mirrors have a space between them that has become the TV unit. A couple of niches above provide the perfect space for storage.

We have maintained the same wooden color, so we needed to bring in more light. Hence, we created mirror panels at the bedside going right up to the ceiling creating a sense of space and giving more reflection of light.

The bedroom being the space where the couple will retire to peaceful slumber every night, we made sure the colour combinations here too are in sync with the rest of the home. Not going in for anything flashy or loud, we decided to keep it elegant.

We strived hard to create a peaceful and classy home for Arpita and Joy in the electronic city, keeping their taste, choices in view and with the final result in front of our eyes, we feel it tastes like success!

We hope you liked our project. If you would like to design your home in a similar style or any other style you may have in mind, contact us at Cee Bee Design Studio. We provide the best solution for those looking for the best interior designer in Bangalore. We have worked on various types of projects, and we are glad to design your home just the way you dream!

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