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Feb 22, 2024

english country style hallway with a wall decor and bench and a door

The English or British Country home interiors are getting attention for their charming look, eccentric soul, and grandeur. Since the time of King Charles II, the love for English Country home décor has been winning the hearts of millions for its beautiful mismatch between antique, natural, peaceful, homely, cozy, and romantic vibe.

The rolled-up armed deep-seated sofa with scattered colorful cushions, lashings floral wallpapers, cozy table lamps, wood paneling, art piece, and some stack of books – is what an English country-style home décor may look like. Our British or English country-style home interior fosters a serene and practical ambiance while embodying the essence of age-old English country or rural homes. Join us to explore our (one of the best interior designers) English country home interior project and find a home for your English country soul.

The English Country Living

the english country living room with white furniture and wooden beams

We are one of the best interior designers in current times and our English country home project boasts the true essence of English country homes in every corner of the property. We will begin with the living which is quite spacious and situated right after the corridor. The living displays a warm, vintage color palette of off-white, cream yellow, faint brown, wood brown, and a touch of green that perfectly resembles the essence of English rural homes. There is a large luxury sofa on one wall of the living room paired with one ottoman coffee table.

The floor is clean with polished with a plain/pale wood finish. Right in front of the sofa, you can see a large in-built fireplace, and above it has a large LED TV creating a perfect homely zone to sit and chatter with friends and family. You can see two other antique tables one beside the sofa and the other next to the fireplace to give the space an old and antique look. The ceiling has a beautiful shiplap design and a fan at the center. The living room has medium-sized windows to incorporate natural lights and views.

The English Dining

a tastefully decorated english dining room with a wooden table and comfortable chairs for a cozy meal

The dining of this English country-style home décor is adjoined with the living with no physical barrier. Only the corridor creates a visual division without making either side look smaller or congested. The dining section features a beautiful and cozy dining table next to the balcony with sliders. The table is unique with double-duty wood, floral motifs, and plaid patterns to create a beautiful natural rural feel and depict English country designs.

At the back of the dining table and right next to the corridor, you can see a country-style wooden cabinet to store additional dining cutleries and other stuff. It also adds a country feel to the space. On one wall of the dining, a floral art piece is installed that guides the vision upward to another individual shiplap design over the dining table giving the space an ultimate English country feeling with the vintage warm color palette.

English Country Style Kitchens

english country style modern kitchens featuring large island and window

The kitchen also displays the same warm color palette but in addition, it has red, bright blue, and greens to bring a lively rural touch. It has a simple design modular setup with built-in cabinets throughout the wall for easy storage. The countertop is made of wood and has built-in storage. The overall décor of this English country home is simple, functional, and elegant. The floor displays a warm brown wood paneling reminding the old English country-style home décor. The intelligent color cooperation brings peace to the eyes and heart.

English Style Study

english country style blue decor study home office with a desk and bookshelf

Our English country-style home interior décor project also includes a spacious study with a color palette of navy blue and white, gold and brown for an elegant English country look. The wall and particular in-built cabinets are painted with the navy blue with golden knobs. On the other side of the room wall cabinets are painted with faint powder blue that compliments the darker portions. The room features wall bookshelves, a white study table with an ergonomic chair (for added comfort and practicality), a window with in-built seats, and a keyboard next to the study table, setting the perfect mood for studying or following your favorite hobby.

English Country Bedrooms

a cozy english country child's bedroom with a bunk bed and a window providing a comfortable and playful space for rest and imagination

This English country-style home décor project includes spacious bedrooms for kids and adults with everything set to create a perfect English country home. The color palette here uses some soft colors to make the space children-friendly without going out of the primary color scheme. Here, you can see the incorporation of lavender, mint blue, sky green, and yellow for a more cheerful environment. The bedroom has all the essential furniture from a daybed next to the window, a built-in double-decker bed, a children's study table, a floor rug, a built-in cupboard, and so on.

We are known to be one of the best interior designers in the country, and our English country home décor project is one of the popular choice home décors among our customers. To get more details on how we can help you transform your house into an English country-style home, contact us today!

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