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June 26, 2024

A modern home with a vibrant wall and a stylish cabinet. Includes a mandir design.

Designing your interior with a traditional touch cannot make you pinpoint a single era as it tends to connect with your roots. Interior designing can create a modern and minimal look of your interior even after following the traditional trends. According to the famous interior designers in Kolkata, you can incorporate tradition into your place by adding a mandir decor. This feature can give a classy look to your interior and can provide you with continuous inspiration to live your life as you can feel the divine blessing.

How Can You Incorporate A Traditional Touch In Your Home?

Two images of a room showcasing a wooden cabinet, mirror, and mandir design.

The traditional design pattern is an old-used form of design that can elevate the elegance of your interior. This form of design enriches your home with an ancestral culture that is relevant to your choices and affinities. A famous interior designing company in Kolkata stated that there are several ways to keep the traditional touch in your home interior. Some of them are listed below,

Display Some Antique Collection

The antique decors can symbolize history so by hanging them on the walls of your home or placing them on your living room’s display rack you can lock the tradition at your residence.

Bring Variety In Wall Paints

The wall paints are the major key that can create exclusive variation in your interior design. Different wall paints can give you a different feeling. So, you must choose the colors that are mostly used in old age.

Hang Frames On Your Interior Wall That Reciprocate Your Family History

The frames that showcase the memory of your ancestral achievements or cozy moments are the must-considered things as the wall hangings in your home’s interior wall.

Keep A Historical Touch In The Furniture

The historical touch can be kept if you choose wood as a material to furnish your place. Woods are one of the most sustainable materials that give a royal vibe to your house interior.

Construct Doors And Windows In A Traditional Pattern

You can construct large glass windows and heavy wooden doors with antique patterned door handles. These are some of the main features of traditional design.

Design A Corner With Trendy Mandir Patterns

Mandirs are one of the basic characteristics of the Hindu residential interior and it is traditional too.

Some Trendy Patterns For Mandir Design

Bedroom with bed and mirror, showcasing mandir design.

The placement of the mandir in your traditional home is the foremost thing that you should consider. Famous interior designers in Kolkata showcase many trendy mandir designs in their interior design portfolios. You should craft your mandir space in a way that boosts your mood for prayers and provides you with the required calmness.

Wooden Mandir Design

This type of mandir pattern is the most traditional one that has been used for several years.

Marble Mandir Design

A hallway featuring a wooden door and a small shrine designed with mandir aesthetics.

These designs are a little bit costly but they can give the royal and classy touch to your interior.

Wall-Hanging Mandir Design

Two photos of a residence with a grand doorway and a dining room adorned with mandir design.

In today’s modern era, this pattern has become more popular as it can create more free space in a small-sized residence.

Mandir Design With Jali's Work

Mandir designs with jali work patterns are the most trendy ones. It can complement modern designs and give a peek-a-boo effect in your interior space.

How Can You Choose The Best Interior Design Company In Kolkata?

The traditional touch in your space requires extensive research about the history of interior design. On the other hand, interior designing is a way to craft a place that maximizes the functionality of your home. Traditional interior designs may give a clumsy look to your place that can hamper the practicality of your residential interior. So, to incorporate the concept of minimalism even in your traditional interior, you need to hire an experienced interior design professional. Your job will be to choose the best one among them and it can be a little bit difficult for you. To ease your search you can follow some basic considerations, such as,

Experience And Expertise

A good and effective design is the work of a creative as well as an experienced mind. You should prioritize a professional or a company who have special expertise in residential interior designing with traditional patterns.

Service Range And Quality

The portfolios of their completed projects are excellent proofs, by analyzing this you can get an idea about their offered service range and the quality of their provided services.

Tendency To Provide Customized Design

Not all patterns are suitable for all types of construction. So, you need to hire an interior designing expert who can customize the design plan according to the shape and size of your property.

Customer Service

Their provided customer service should be good and you must check this one before handing over the responsibility of your interior to them. A reputed interior design company or renowned professional always listens to your needs and keeps you updated throughout the project plan.

However, by considering these points you will find the best one to get a traditional pattern of interior design. Cee Bee Design Studio is a renowned interior designing company in Kolkata that has built its reputation so high in terms of keeping the traditional touch in residential interiors.

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