Luxury High-Rise Penthouse Interior Design

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July 7, 2023

The wait is over, and here we are launching the project of this luxurious pent house. Follow us to see this spectacular project by

Living Room Area Interior Design to Captivate Absolutely Anybody

This undeniably chic yet serene living room is anchored by elegant details. Highlights of the room include L-shaped corner leather sofa and two single-seater sofas with wooden handle that are covered in beige upholstery. The walls have been decorated with tainted wood-work in brown while one section is done in black to flaunt the massive art. A round coffee table with brass criss-cross stand completes the look of the room.

Fashionable Bedroom Interior Designers

Bold modern pieces paired with traditional accents give an eclectic feel to this bedroom. The elongated wood work over the wall gives a sense of height in the room. Falling lights over the woodwork look magical in the dark. The bright yellow sofa cheers up the space. A table with a functional shelf on the wall offers space for work/study. A simple couch beside the angled window is a great addition to the bedroom.

Enhance the design of the Kitchen Area

The cream coloured cabinets in the entire kitchen draw your eyes upwards, which makes an average-sized kitchen feel double its original size. White false ceiling with inner lights gives it a welcoming look. A small chandelier with a large lamp illuminates the entire kitchen.

ICY Blue Wardrobe

The theme of this master bedroom is blue and black – a balance between tranquil and bold. The incredible geometrical architecture above the headboard gives a versatile look. The pendant lights on either side provide warmth and radiance. The statement pieces of furniture look elaborate and sharp. Matching the theme, the icy blue wardrobe and cabinets are a perfect blend of tradition and quirk. The door has been made of tainted wood to match the theme of the house.

When we start designing any space the main criteria is to remember our main motivation is to build homes instead of houses. While designing we try and understand the apace, the materials we want to use and the overall concept. Sometimes the actual work even outshines the 3D concepts.

Beige bedrooms allow you to make numerous tweaks and add various styles that can give it different looks. A black upholstered bed blends in flawlessly with the room. Wood work with black panels on the wall looks immaculate. Darker shades of blinds give your private sanctuary make it discrete and comfortable. A relaxed beige single seater sofa with a round table is versatile.

Styled impressively in different shades of nude with a hint of peppy colours thrown in between, this bedroom is warm and comforting. Simple false ceiling with a contemporary chandelier is elegant and classy. The slats behind the bed are a unique colour of grey beige, a couple of slats in-between in a contrasting shade of pink and black, set the combination right. The Roman shade as a window covering in a beautiful print provides both privacy and light control. A textured navy-blue wall in contrast to the cream walls and ceiling, blends in well. Geometrical golden work on the door reflects elegance in the room.

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