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Feb 20, 2024

exterior of cafe route 17 with modern architecture and glass windows.

Creating an interior design for a café that is both visually appealing and functional requires a seamless integration of both elements. Every component, from luxurious furniture to well-chosen colour schemes, adds to a warm atmosphere. Luxury interior design company in Kolkata enhances the café experience by balancing comfort and elegance and draws customers in with a captivating ambience.

Explore a haven of extraordinary artistry where Cee Bee Design Studio turns cafes into opulent getaways while creating new benchmarks for interior design. Our company skillfully combines practicality and beauty to create custom designs that enhance environments.

Exquisite Cafe Interior Design Features

indoor dining area with wooden tables and chairs against a brick wall

The blend of gastronomic delight and fascinating ambience is exemplified by Kolkata's Cafe Route 17. Tucked away in the centre of town, this cafe has grown to be a popular destination for people looking for both mouthwatering cuisine and a visual feast. The creative genius of Cee Bee Design Studio, a renowned design company that has turned Cafe Route 17 into an enthralling retreat for guests, is responsible for the charming interior design.

A Harmony of Styles

two images showing a restaurant and a bar, offering a glimpse into the ambiance and atmosphere of the establishment

Cee Bee Design Studio has a reputation for skillfully fusing many design philosophies together. A symphony of genres has been carefully crafted at Cafe Route 17 to create a singular and hospitable atmosphere. With a skilful fusion of rustic charm and modern aesthetics, the interior design creates a room that suits a variety of tastes.

Modern Grace

The modern elegance of the décor of Cafe Route 17 is one of its most notable aspects. Sophistication is exuded through the use of sleek furnishings, simple lines, and a neutral colour scheme. To improve the cafe's overall atmosphere, the studio's designers have deftly added contemporary design features like elegant artwork and minimalist lighting fixtures. As a result, the area has a modern yet cozy vibe that invites guests to unwind.

Warmth of the Rustic

Cee Bee Design Studio, one of the best luxury interior designers in Kolkata has infused rustic warmth in the decor of Cafe Route 17 which is meant to balance the contemporary elements of the decor. Earthy colours with textured walls and wooden accessories create a warm relaxing feeling. The blend of contemporary and rustic circumstances in the interior design of the cafe is applied masterfully, thus, it gives it space and allows guests to catch new ideas.

Well-planned Seating and Layout

two images showing a restaurant and a bar, offering a glimpse into the ambiance and atmosphere of the establishment

Cafe Route 17's interior design is not only beautiful but also aims to give comfort to customers by creating a space where they can rest and do their jobs. The Cee Bee Studio's skilful seating arrangements and floor plan adequately make the visiting experience delightful.

The cafe is thoughtfully divided into zones with the intention that each of the zones will perform its specific function. Every corner, from the niche for one-to-one meetings to the table for the crowds, was carefully assembled to bow to the slightest desire. This way of zoning helps the cafe to reach a high level of functionality and organization and at the same time, every client feels exceptional about himself. The cafe has more alternative kinds of seats done by the luxury interior design company in Kolkata. The range of seating choices, from high bar stools to deep armchairs and padded chairs, will appeal to everyone. The design of the studio is ergonomic, it is based on the idea of delivering adequate comfort and beauty.

Creative Highlights

numerous copper pipes suspended from the ceiling in a spacious room

Artistic touches in the interior of Cafe Route 17 communicate passion and creativity. A proper mix of art and accessories that go well with the rest of the theme was carefully selected by Cee Bee Design Studio, one of the best luxury interior designers in Kolkata.

The interior design of Cafe Route 17 is remarkable through its partnership with local artists. Cee Bee Design Studio has worked in collaboration with master artisans to incorporate custom furniture, artwork, and handmade items that celebrate the cultural heritage. This not only gives the cafe a distinct feature but also favours the local artistic community.

With murals and other wall decorations that create a visual narrative, the walls of Cafe Route 17 are like canvases for artistic expression. The elegant entrance and intricate pillars honour architectural elegance, while contemporary elements like sleek furnishings and contemporary lighting fixtures lend a touch of refinement to the space.

A Haven for Culinary and Design Enthusiasts

The overall dining experience at the cafe has been much improved by Cee Bee Design Studio through the incorporation of sensory aspects, which goes beyond the aesthetic aspect. The smells of freshly baked goods and coffee are purposively used to create the sensorial experience of the cafe. Due to the fact that the aromatic environment matches the culinary experience, each visit becomes a multidimensional experience.


When it comes to creating luxurious café experiences, luxury interior design is essential to turning areas into opulent retreats. By creating surroundings that reinvent café sophistication, Cee Bee Design Studio, a leading luxury interior design company in Kolkata, elevates comfort and aesthetics. Experience the pinnacle of elegant ambience with Cee Bee Design Studio's innovative designs.

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