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May 20, 2024

Interior design room with yellow and grey curtains in a cozy bedroom.

Making a mood board is second nature to certain people. You preserve little mementoes from your life, such as an old photo, an inspirational magazine image, or a card from a friend. Basically, mood boards are a visual compilation of the interior design components you are thinking about using.

Depending on your creative skills and taste, they can be anything from collage-style photos to a real room replica. Even yet, you can employ both of these approaches at various stages of the planning procedure with the help of top interior designers in Kolkata.

Guide For Designing And Creating Mood Boards With The Help Of Designers

Contemporary living room with dining area and kitchen, showcasing stylish interior design.

It is crucial to know your goal, the specifications of the project, and the preferences of your client from the beginning. For example, you need to know the current trends in this area and figure out how to incorporate them into your design if you are making a mood board for an opulent villa's interior design with the guidance of top interior designers in Kolkata.

Additionally, it would be ideal if you included images that accurately represent the premium building materials that would be utilised for the project. Historically, mood boards were used by designers to convey their concepts. But now that technology has improved, they can express their thoughts using sophisticated tools and software. Selecting how to exhibit your mood board for interior design is crucial to effectively present your ideas. These two mood board ideas for interior design are quite popular.

a) Collage: A collage is a creative arrangement of images that expresses your tastes and ideas for interior design. There are no set guidelines regarding the arrangement or form of the photos.

b) Template: A template is a structured chart that combines elements such as colour palettes, materials, and images to create a design. As soon as you settle on a particular mood board presentation, don't stop adding to it with fresh concepts.

Gather Images

Elegant living room featuring a couch, coffee table, and window.

Collect sample photos to start the mood board design process. The photos you choose will rely on the style and decor you have decided on for the project. Great places to find ideas include interior design publications, blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest. Based on your budget, accessibility, and current fashions, choose a suitable design. If an expensive accessory is out of your client's price range, for example, you might wish to add it but should hold off on wearing it.

Crop The Selected Images

An ideal scenario for an interior designer would be to download all of their favourite photos to a storage device or laptop. Cut off images with white or unnecessary backgrounds, especially those that feature d├ęcor elements. By removing the background, you may fit more photographs into the specified size of a mood board while still clearly displaying your ideas for interior design.

The best Interior designers in Kolkata can leverage AI tools, which are useful for removing unnecessary background when working in Photoshop. To remove the background from photos created with other software, just submit them to a tool like Drawing and hit Bg.

Start With Essentials

Start with the necessities for the mood board of interior design. Before adding important design components to the mood board, if you're creating a collage, make a list of them. Take note of where they are placed and the reasoning behind them. Indicate which material will be used for each part. For example, in a living room, things like flooring, furniture, and upholstery cannot be changed and must be shown on the mood board to provide a clearer image.

The calibre of the materials used for the fixtures and lights must also be taken into account by the designer. These components need to be placed in a mock-up with the guidance of top interior designers in Kolkata to create a small interior vignette that accurately conveys your ideas.

Experimenting With Different Options

A stylish living room with marble floors and a television, showcasing exquisite interior design.

Any interior design mood board offers you the opportunity to play around with different image combinations. The best Interior designers in Kolkata will help you place the essential components on the mood board and experiment with different combinations to find what works best.

It is advised to have a good image library so that you may try out several photos for each piece and select one that complements the other pictures on the mood board. Make sure the mood board's hues and patterns work well together. They should either contrast or enhance one another.


An interior design project gains purpose and is given creative energy by the use of mood boards. You can make your ideal house a reality. It just requires a little preparation and research, the appropriate group of experts, and a lot of patience. Consult Cee Bee Design Studios which is one of the best Interior designers in Kolkata to help you create the kind of home of your dreams, one that fits your budget, lifestyle, and personality.

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