What Is The Concept Of Scandinavian Interior Design?


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Feb 23, 2024

two pictures of a scandinavian bedroom with a bed and a chair

The Scandinavian-style interior design has a huge popularity both in India and outside. The core of this style is simplicity and beauty of functionality. Scandinavian home décor is minimalist and clean, yet it creates a cozy and homely ambiance by incorporating natural elements into it.

Scandinavian-style interior design is inspired by nature and primarily comes from the concept of Scandinavian-style home décor (which can be seen in 25th-century Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, and other similar regions). Today, you can see different versions of Scandinavian interiors including minimalist, vintage, rustic, and more. We at Cee Bee Design Studio create another beautiful version of the Scandinavian interior – A scandinavian Country home with a touch of Indian ethnic design. Let us help you explore our Scandinavian country home in more detail.

Scandinavian Country Home - Living Room

living room and dining room with modern decor and natural lighting

We will begin with our Scandinavian-style living room which was rectangular in shape and quite spacious with two different seating zones. The primary section has a four-seater gray sofa with plain wooden legs perfectly balancing with the earthy and vintage color palette (brown, off-white, mint blue, and sap green). The other section is a little bit cozy and small featuring two wooden chairs and a small coffee table absolutely a perfect corner for small circle talks or a quiet book reading.

The floor has vinyl polish with beautiful blue-white section rugs under coffee tables. The ceiling features a beautiful square of white shiplap design with a brown wood bar border and LED lights to light up the space evenly. Lastly, the wooden wall cabinet and the lower cabinet with mint color finish create a beautiful spot for entertainment with a TV over the fireplace just right in front of the sofa.

Dining Section

scandinavian kitchen and dining room with modern decor featuring sleek countertops, wooden furniture, and ample natural light

The dining section of our Indian ethnic and Scandinavian Country home is adjoined with the living space and beautifully carries the same color theme. The dining section is placed on one side of the living (without any physical barrier or division to look spacious) just next to the compact modular kitchen distinguished from the living with a wall. The dining section features a large wooden dining table set cushioned chair and a thick glass panel dining table.

We have incorporated a sofabed one side of the table and wall to create a comfortable and cozy environment. This wall also incorporates a picture gallery easily attracting all the attention of the sitters. The contemporary style statement light over the table and a wall window just behind the dinner table create a dynamic look and enough space to include natural exposure to the space.

Bedroom Interior

Two pictures of a cozy scandinavian bedroom with a neatly made bed and a stylish lamp on a nightstand

We are one of the most famous interior designers in Kolkata and each design speaks with its uniqueness. Our Scandinavian Country home project is created on a 3BHK property where all three bedrooms have a different color scheme that beautifully combines with the natural Scandi and Indian ethnic theme. All our Scandinavian bedroom interior displays a clean, neat, and minimalist look.

Each bedroom has a wooden double bed with some essential furniture such as a wooden cabinet, built-in racks, a pair of wooden chairs large windows with natural-themed blinders ceiling lights, AC, and a fan. The floor is adorned with fluffy carpets and warm hanging lights (on the sides of the bed).

Scandinavian and Indian Ethnic Style Study

scandinavian study table setup with table tamp and tv in the other picture

Our Scandinavian Country home project also includes a small study attached to one of the bedrooms. The study offers an ultimate Scandinavian vintage décor with a rustic wood study table, bookshelf, wooden wall cabinet, and a seating zone. The seating zone has one double seat two single cushioned chairs and a brown coffee table.

In this section of our Scandinavian home décor, we have used some decorative writing pieces and hanging wall lights to bring a vintage touch to the space. Also, one of the study room walls is crafted with gold wallpaper. Lastly, the floor displays a boho section rug right under the table of the sitting zone. Like other sections, this study also has a large window with blinders and minimalist design wall racks for additional storage.

Corridor and Prayer Section

Lastly, we have highlighted the corridor and transformed the space between a bedroom and the hallway into a small and beautiful prayer station. The corridor displays three wooden wall cabinets, hanging statement lights, and a statement painting. The cabinet offers a beautiful on the go standing bar setup.

On the other hand, our prayer station primarily focuses on Indian ethnic design but without losing the core essence of Scandinavian home décor aesthetics. The prayer station is compact made using a single wall just in front of a bedroom. The prayer station is open for a specious look with only celling broader made with thin wooden fences that are beautifully carved displaying natural themes (vines, leaves, and flowers).

Our Scandinavian home décor features earthy, vintage tones, and minimalist design with a twist of Indian ethnic decors and accessories. To learn more about our Scandinavian interior design, contact us. We are one of the most famous interior designers in Kolkata.

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