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Feb 12, 2024

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Are you looking to hit refresh and completely transform your office space interiors? If so, you have come to the right space. At Cee Bee Design Studio, we provide cutting-edge office space design solutions that will amaze your clients and motivate your employees to work harder than ever!

How do we do this? Put simply, we help to give a modern touch and feel to every corner of any office space. However, planning is one thing and practising it is another! Only the best commercial interior designers in Bangalore are able to execute their vision faithfully, so if you want to partner with an interior design firm that stays true to its word, we are where you should be!

Take a look at some innovative takes and ideas on how we can completely change your office's look and feel!

Upscale Your Office Design with The Best Commercial Interior Designers in Bangalore

modern office interior design with desks and computers, showcasing a professional work environment

These are some of the ways Cee Bee Design Studio can help to turn your office space design around:

The Reception

a woman sitting at a modern office reception desk, ready to assist visitors and manage administrative tasks efficiently

The reception area is where your potential leads and clients will first come face to face with your office atmosphere and look. There may be a waiting period as well for them, during which their first impression of your operational ways will be created.

Thus, at Cee Bee Design Studio, we pay special attention to the reception in all our commercial projects, trying to make it look sophisticated and yet inviting at the same time. You may notice that we have planned an elaborate wall fixture showcasing an Oriental pattern for the reception area. This helps to highlight a sense of exotica and complexity to the look, thus giving the impression that you should not expect more of the same-old at this office!

The added accent light pieces further provide a sense of thoughtfulness and futurism. In addition, the matching dock and wall texture add another layer of personality to the entire look!

The Workspace

office interior design ideas for modern office

If you take a look at the workspace, we decided to go with the flow and created an open-office design that helps to foster collaboration and streamlined workflows at the office. While every commercial interior design company in Bangalore has been doing this in recent times, we decided to go a step forward and create a unified workspace where every table is connected to the other. Not only does this promote a sense of togetherness and unitary efficiency, but it also showcases an unhindered movement from one corner to the other.

Moreover, we wanted the workspace to be visible to anyone who pays a visit to the office. This way, any potential lead will watch your team working in unison and immediately get the impression that everything works in a channelized and organized manner at this office. This thinking has pervaded every bit of our design philosophy and remains among our values as well, here at Cee Bee Design Studio!

In addition to the work tables, we have also innovated on a highly futuristic showpiece cum lighting fixture. By employing geometric hexagons to act as the highlight, we hoped to showcase the same sense of unitary movement through this customized fixture as well. Not only does this act as a statement piece, but it is also a stunning reflection of edginess and originality.

The Waiting Area

a cozy waiting room inside office with a vibrant red chair and a stylish coffee table

We wanted the waiting area to act as a homage to the company’s previous achievements while highlighting the vision that the company wants to take while moving onwards. With this idea in mind, we designed a completely customizable space, which individual companies can fill up with their items of choice.

Moreover, we decided to give this space a light and airy feel, which we did by incorporating a bit of greenery around the seating arrangements. Coming to the seating, while they are fully customizable for individual firms, the general tone is that of comfort and relaxation. We wanted clients to feel easy before going into a meeting, and that has been the end result as well!


So, this was a brief show of the quality and thought processes that you can expect from Cee Bee Design Studio. If you are impressed and want to work further with the most professional commercial interior design company in Bangalore, this is your chance. Contact our offices and tell us what you have in mind, so we can help you out with the most innovative and breathtaking office interior designs!

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