What Is English-Style Home Interior Design?


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Dec 09, 2023

english style home interior design

Do you want a stylish home interior that feels comfortable and looks classy? Are you a traditionalist with a modern take on things? If so, this article should make your day! Today, we will discuss a home interior design style that will help you capture the comfort and luxury of traditional British interior designs and blend smoothly with contemporary accessories and design elements. We are talking, of course, about the English-style home interior design, a historic and traditional design aesthetic that has aged like a fine wine. The design has a muted luxury about it that immediately captures the attention of any guest or visitor. When coupled with modern lighting fixtures and other elements, the final look is to die for! Let us take an in-depth look at this one-of-a-kind home design so you can have a free talk with your interior designer about getting it done in your home!

What Are The Features of English Style Interior Design?

indoor plants in the living area with wall art and furniture

Check out some of the essential features that make the English style of homes and interiors:

Classic Elements

The English-style home interior has a timeless feel due to material choices and other accessory decorations and design elements. While it is not minimalist by any chance, no one can accuse this interior design of being too heavy on decorations either. It is a perfect balance between the two, creating a seamless blend of aristocratic home décor with modern fixtures and fittings.

Wall Panels and Fireplace

Two compulsory elements that make up the English-style home interior are the use of decorative wall panels and the inclusion of a fireplace. While most modern homes have central heating systems and do not really need a fireplace, homeowners often opt to go with a digital screen that shows a fire to complete the look and feel of the space. Apart from that, decorative wall panels that include sconces, wainscoting, and crown moulding are also crucial to the design aesthetic. Together, these impart a luxurious and regal feel to modern homes, the kind only felt in royal palaces and mansions of earlier times.

Neutral Colours with Bold Patterns

Another singular feature that informs this interior design style is muted or neutral color shades like pastels, beige, or taupe, coupled with bold textures and patterns on curtains and furniture, for instance. This creates a radical look that immediately draws the guest’s attention to the décor and compels them to appreciate the same. The English-style home design is always monochromatic, using a single color palette throughout the home to accentuate the accessory elements and other decorations. Thus, it helps to create a sharp contrast between the base and accessory layers, making the latter seem far more visible and apparent.

Use of Paintings and Portraits

Another singular feature that informs the English style interior is the use of paintings and often portraits of ancestors to establish one’s lineage and heritage. In modern homes, while portraits have gone out of fashion, modern art has a lot of options to offer in terms of home décor.

As a homeowner, the English-style interior design gives you complete freedom to go all out on a couple of masterpieces if you wish to have them. Virtually any artwork can blend in smoothly with this type of interior design. Designers often add accent lighting to showcase and highlight artwork for an added element of complexity and depth.

What Kind of Lighting Is Used in English Home Interior Designs?

indoor plants in the balcony wooden floor

The lighting fixtures are the most visually pleasing element of this kind of interior design. While there is ample room for natural light to come in during the day, the home feels truly alive at nighttime due to the various kinds of lights that are used. We will take a look at a few:

Recessed Lighting

This kind of lighting is tucked away into the ceilings and only provides diffused ambient lighting to create a soft glow that illuminates the whole room. It is perfect for a dreamy and romantic evening on the couch with a close one.

Pendant Lighting

This following kind of lighting is generally fixated to the ceiling but remains visible to the naked eye. Thus, it acts as both a design accessory and a lighting element. Examples are hanging lights and chandeliers, the latter being the more traditional option.

Wall Sconces

Sconces are light fixtures attached to the walls and provide accent lighting to highlight any decorations and other design elements.


Another essential element in traditional and contemporary English-style interior designs is the inclusion of lamps. These provide task lighting and mood lighting for when no one is in the room.

What Are The Furniture Elements Used in English Style Interior Design?

wooden furniture with ceiling art indoor plants

These are some furniture choices that new homeowners can choose for a contemporary and modern look:

Chesterfield Sofas

A reminder of the Victorian times, this furniture element has stood the test of time. The Chesterfield sofa stands out for its use of stitching and patterns in the design, which adds a touch of class to any interior design. It is widely versatile and can be used in a variety of designs.


Ottomans are a kind of foot-rest that stand in front of the Chesterfield. While not always compulsory, they help add another level of complexity to the décor. Moreover, it is an alternative to a coffee table, which is always good!

Curtains and Rugs

Homeowners also get the option to choose from various curtains and rugs that can complement their interior design and add some warmth to the design aesthetic. A rug is primarily the best way to add some comfort to the flooring and include a layer of depth to the design.

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So, that was all about the English interior design style and what are the elements that make the design whole. If you wish to get this design incorporated into your new home, however, keep in mind that only the top interior design companies can help you out. Such design aesthetics require experience and expertise to create the best results, as several levels of complexities are inherent. Thus, always choose a professional interior designer studio that can help you in this regard!

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