Kerala Style Bungalow

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June 12, 2021

Kerala Style Bungalow

Home is based in Bangalore which takes you away from the bustling city life to the serenity of Kerala and its natural beauty in the second part we review the beautiful ethnic Pooja area with heavy wooden pillars that have intricate carving designs the exclusive customised for your piece made with red polish and golden accents has been paired with a similar unit in the Puja area.

The living area looks on to the large garden and patio and area where the family spend most of their time together vision cream colour scheme keeps feeling spacious and airy beautiful knickknacks and artefacts make the living area welcoming and retain the Indian touch we have also tried to use pre-existing furniture and design it to match the Kerala style home interior.The most exclusive highlight of the home is the staircase. It’s the heart of this home are these exclusive customised printed tiles make it the focus feature of this home interior.

In the third and final series of this Kerala style home interior designers in bangalore we are presenting the exclusive designs that have been custom made to suit both the functionality and the aesthetics of this beautiful villa . the 1st floor is the private ad family area and thus the seating section is much more informal and also very spacious . keeping in mind the small baby who needs ample space to crawl about the floor space. the partition has been disguised as a brick wall and storage on the other side with an old world poster printed facia which cleverly hides storage . both of the home owners are pilots they need to keep updated with all state of the art knowledge related to aviation , thus it was essential to make a cozy yet extremely workable study area. the storage around it has been designed to match the ambiance. the bedrooms are cosy yet extremely vibrant. the earthy tones help to create a very welcoming vibe. the focus wall with the beautiful pichwai art creates a very glamorous yet very Indian touch . the walk in wardrobe was designed by us with some civil change which required us to renovate the bathroom and shift some entrances. this managed to create well hidden private wardrobe section , brought it extra space to store clothes in parallel sections . this also cleared up the space for a clean and clutter free master beautiful bedroom.

The unique and exquisite console units that are handmade to suit the earthy accents of this traditional Indian home.the red polish within a wooden framework is striking and attractive. The muted gold /bronze work around the console brings out the expensive and gorgeous look.We have used a pair of this Against the entrance wall clad and the white puja niche.

The Pichwai art that adores the wall of the foyer area is an exclusive addition to the ethnic feel to this kerela styled home decor.This piece was commissioned by the client and it fits like hand in glove to the villa entrance design

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