Soak Into The Traditions Of Kerala With The Serene Interiors

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June 27, 2023

Kerala is a land of waters and greenery. The natural aura stimulates hearts and minds to indulge in nature’s beauty and adore its pleasing atmosphere. A Kerala style bungalow considers the surrounding atmosphere with the preferences of the family members to create well-defined internal structures with the convenience of advanced technologies and electronic furnishings.

The traditional way of welcoming

The Kerala-style Bungalows have living rooms with comfortable wooden furniture and a welcoming ambience that goes with the cultural ethics of the past. The welcoming door has a crafted wooden frame. Additionally, a temple created opposite the entrance door offers spiritual upliftment and mental peace. The best interior design firm in Bangalore adds every detail that reflects our culture in the home’s decor.

A decorative way to go upstairs

Wooden furniture and wooden frames symbolise beauty and benevolence in the interiors of Kerala-based home decor. Stairs with colourful artwork embrace visitors to enter and enjoy their stay with friends and relatives. Portraits and idols of god enchant the soul and offer a motivational approach to life.

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Forever furniture elements

The Kerala style bungalow has furniture made of wood. These furnishings have beautiful carvings and printed designs on them that complement the flow of the complete house. In addition, these furniture pieces are evergreen and never go off-beat. They exhibit elegance and eminence simultaneously. Further, they mirror the artistic taste of the homeowners.

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Dine with your dear ones

The dining spaces have customised tables and chairs with candid lights and decor items like clocks, decorative pieces, potted plants, and wall paintings. The affix exclusive decorative furniture items to give a posh and energetic environment during meals. Thus, people enjoy their dinner with family after a tiring day at school and the office.

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Study time turns fruitful

A Kerala style bungalow incorporates a study room separated by a mini wall or wooden separation with a comfortable couch, sleek wooden shelves, creeper plants, a clock, and a reading light. Plus, modern elements like laptops, desktops, and printers have their own space. They also have wooden framed glass windows, neutral colours on walls, and textured curtain fabrics. Thus, people can indulge in reading their favourite novels or books and enlighten their lives with knowledge.

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Ceiling designs with tiny lights

The ceiling is contrasted with white and wooden bars studded with mini lights to offer thorough light while moving from one room to another. The electrical appliances are chosen by the best interior design firm in Bangalore to follow the pattern of Kerala home design. Hanging fans, round lights, lampshades, and table lamps are placed precisely. The electrical switches and sockets go well with the traditional look and cultural touch of the interiors.

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Textured walls contrast the simple attire of the home

Drawing rooms have boulder walls designed with wooden cupboards and exclusive designer pieces. These stone walls signify the inner strength and tolerance of the people living inside the homes. Therefore, top interior designers in Bangalore use them skillfully to depict the qualities of the owner. The plain floorings of light hues contrast with these walls to represent the simplicity of the people.

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Two-storey homes or duplexes with eternal designs

The vintage designs of wood from doors, window frames, furniture, railings, and lights have dual views in a Kerala style bungalow. One can have a top view and a ground view. In addition, the floor designs, and ceiling work elevate the living spirits of the home-mates. Crafted with skill and beauty by the brains of the best design artists, these homes offer a cosy dwelling place.

Wall painting embellishes the colour combinations

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Soothing colour combinations with stone and brick structures give a divergent surface to every wall of the home. Simple and colourful wall paintings with white backgrounds elevate the pleasing mood of the interiors. Interior designers in Bangalore and their team successfully adapts the features of a cultural style Kerala Bungalow into the land of Bangalore.

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