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Feb 27, 2024

two pictures of a scandinavian bedroom with a bed and a chair

Traditional Kerala-style Bungalows are still prevalent and didn’t lose their rustic charm with time. Moreover, their natural and rural essentials make them appropriate in the contemporary world where minimalist natural themes of house interiors are creating new waves. In old times, Kerala houses or traditional Kerala-style homes contained some basic features such as bare mason walls, wood barn structure high walls natural elements such as plants, earthen pots, etc. that made them stand out from the rest.

Even after some many decades, people find this particular interior style, soul-soothing, homely, elegant, eccentric, and somewhat modern. Today, a lot of people in Bangalore prefer traditional Kerala-style Bungalow interiors for their traditional charm and of course the soul of the interior décor. So, if you are a fan of traditional Kerala-style bungalow homes in Bangalore, you have come to the right place. We, Cee Bee Design Studio, one of the best interior designers in Bangalore will discuss our traditional Kerala-style Bungalow décor project here.

Traditional Kerala Style Foyer

living room and dining room with modern decor and natural lighting

Traditional Kerala-style home has the roots of spirituality and we have defined the essence of true traditional Kerala homes in our traditional Kerala-style bungalow décor project. We will begin by detailing the foyer section of this traditional Kerala style home which was kept simple and elegant with earthy tones and rustic accents. Here we have used a rustic and earthy color palette of dark brown- off-white, cream yellow, red, and greens.

The foyer passage is short merging with the open dining and living section. Even though the section is small it is well-defined with a traditional style medium size wooden cabinet, stoned wall, plant pot, antique lamp, statement light, and a picture frame.

Ancient Kerala Style Living

scandinavian kitchen and dining room with modern decor featuring sleek countertops, wooden furniture, and ample natural light

Just after the foyer, you will see a spacious living space partially distinguished from the study zone with a thick brick wall cum built-in cabinets. The living area offers a beautiful blend of modern luxury furniture with traditional accessories and décor items to bring a traditional Kerala-style home ambiance and look. Here also a similar earthy and rustic color palette has been used to maintain an age-old traditional vibe. The living area features a couple of one and two-seater sofas, a bookshelf on one wall decorated with vine plants, and plant pots on the room corners.

The living features a unique mason wall with three aligning picture frames on it. Right in front of the sofas, you can see a plain and thin carpet rug that visually binds the overall living room interior, giving it a homely feel.

Dining Section with Traditional Kerala Theme

Two pictures of a cozy scandinavian bedroom with a neatly made bed and a stylish lamp on a nightstand

The foyer, living, and dining zone of this traditional Kerala-style bungalow home have unique features that help this dining space achieve a traditional Kerala-style bungalow décor. The dining section is semi-open joined with a living area and foyer. The pergola-inspired thick wooden bar structure coming out of the wall creates a sharp square structure that makes a space for the dining setup. Even though the dining space is compact it looks space due to its semi-close structure. The dining section features a wooden dining table set with cushioned chairs, and an oversized antique analog with a wall lamp just over it. This space also maintains the same color scheme used in other parts of this traditional Kerala-style bungalow project.

Traditional Kerala Style Study

scandinavian study table setup with table tamp and tv in the other picture

Next moving forward, the study zone which is beautifully separated from the living area with a unique mason wall cum built-in cabinet storage. We are the leading interior designers in Bangalore who are known to offer out-of-the-box and innovative interior design solutions. Each project boasts uniqueness and thoughtful design in every corner. And there is no exception for this traditional Kerala-style bungalow décor the study zone also displays a beautiful amalgamation of modern furniture and traditional aesthetics to reach a traditional Kerala-style home décor.

The study section features a complete built-in compact setup of cabinets including a long built-in study table. Right in front of the table, there are two classic cushioned chairs with back cushions for added comfort during the work. The ceiling features a wooden bar accent which brings a simplistic touch to the interior.

Stairs and Prayer Section with Traditional Kerala Style Interior

scandinavian study table setup with table tamp and tv in the other picture

This Kerala-style traditional bungalow also includes a prayer section and a staircase leading to the upper story. The staircase displays traditional motifs in tiles with minimalist wooden railings to bring a rich and rural touch to the space.

On the other hand, the prayer section is compactly located at the end of the end of living and hallway. The prayer section features a beautiful temple with a wooden gate displaying intricate and traditional carvings, two parts within decorative earthen pots on both sides of the gate. The temple also has a simplistic design with a touch of traditional design and motifs.

The traditional Kerala-style bungalow décor project uses a beautiful blend of modern and traditional style interiors with the essence of traditional Kerala homes. To know more about traditional Kerala style bungalow interior décor you can contact us, one of the best interior designers in Bangalore.

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