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Feb 21, 2024

aerial view of a home with a fan and a lamp, showcasing a cozy and well-lit living space

Experience the classic appeal of Kerala's traditionally designed homes, which perfectly capture the essence of the state's well-known bungalow architecture. These dwellings, which are distinguished by their elaborate woodwork and vivid colours, are a reflection of the rich cultural legacy of the area. Cee Bee Design Studio does an outstanding task of encapsulating Kerala's architectural heritage while skillfully fusing contemporary conveniences with conventional style.

Experience the charm of a Kerala style bungalow in Bangalore, where our expertise turns ideas into painstakingly designed, aesthetically beautiful homes that honour the studio's dedication to architectural brilliance.

Kerala-Styled Bungalow's Interior Highlights

living room and dining room with modern decor, featuring stylish furniture and elegant lighting.

The Kerala-style house is a hidden gem of traditional architecture located in the heart of Bangalore, amongst new skyscrapers and contemporary styles. These bungalows, which embrace the rich legacy of Kerala, radiate warmth, elegance, and a timeless appeal that lasts for many generations. Renowned for its creative methods, Cee Bee Design Studio created a stunning Kerala style bungalow in Bangalore. Let's explore the latest elements of this amazing construction that skillfully combines modern living with classic design.

Architectural Wonders

two pictures showing a cozy living room and a stylish dining room with elegant furniture and decor

Kerala-style bungalows have amazing architectural features that serve as the basis for their interior decor. These homes are opulent, with hardwood beams, and finely carved pillars. To produce a unified design that embodies the genuineness of Kerala style, Cee Bee Design Studio embraces these architectural features and incorporates them into interior spaces.

Exquisite Carvings and Woodwork

a red cabinet with golden vibe and a lamp

The elaborate woodwork and carvings within Kerala-style bungalows are what gives them their unique character. Doors, windows, and furnishings are all embellished with intricate patterns and motifwork, providing a visual feast for both residents and visitors. Cee Bee Design Studio, one of the top interior designers in Bangalore pays tribute to this skill with expertly crafted wooden items that have custom carvings that enhance the overall look.

Rich teak woodwork, enhanced by a shiny finish to accentuate its inherent beauty, is featured throughout the interiors. The floors are covered with terracotta tiles, giving the living areas warmth and character. The walls are decorated with traditional mural paintings that illustrate mythological subjects, lending a hint of cultural value.

Spacious Living Areas

cozy living room with brick wall and chair

The bungalow's living spaces are open-concept yet radiate sophistication and beauty. Large windows frame stunning views of the surrounding countryside, while high ceilings with wooden beams lend an air of grandeur. Cozy couches and ornately carved hardwood furnishings provide the ideal balance of flair and comfort. The living room of a Kerala style bungalow in Bangalore is furnished with traditional Kerala furnishings that go well with the building's architectural style. Modern conveniences are harmoniously combined with handwoven linens, colourful murals, and traditional wooden furniture to create a space that is both old and new. Every item reflects the rich fabric of Kerala and conveys a tale.

Private Areas and bedrooms

The rooms are decorated with luxurious pieces of furniture and soft lighting to make them cozy and inviting so that one feels a serene shelter. Handwoven carpets and colourful textiles will be used to add warmth and brightness to the room, and the classic bedsteads with beautifully carved headboards will create an atmosphere of royalty.

Temple Space

interior of a room with staircase and ornate door featuring decorative tile.

The temple room is a conventional place of worship in a typical Keralan home. Cee Bee Design Studio added a temple room with wooden carved panels, brass lamps and religious attributes to the cottage. Residents are encouraged to connect with their spiritual beliefs in the comfort of their own homes by the tranquil ambience.

Dining Area

dining room with wooden dividers, creating separate spaces in a cozy setting

The dining hall with the giant hardwood table bordered by stunning chairs is a symbol of culinary beauty. The kitchen and dining room are conveniently placed together so that the smell of traditional Kerala spices fills the house. With the evolving lifestyles amongst homeowners, Cee Bee Design Studio, one of the top interior designers in Bangalore provides flexible and adaptable design solutions that meet various needs. They adapt to modern living by redesigning interior areas, adding multipurpose furniture or transforming a veranda into a cosy space.

Personalized Lighting Fixtures

a dining room with a wooden ceiling fan and table

The lighting in a room has a big impact on how it feels. The traditional lamps and lanterns of Kerala serve as an inspiration for the distinctive lighting fixtures created and procured by Cee Bee Design Studio. In addition to lighting up the interiors, these fixtures operate as attractive pieces of art that give off a warm, inviting glow.


Experience the ultimate level of richness with a Kerala style bungalow in Bangalore designed by Cee Bee Design Studio. Perfectly crafted and meticulously designed, these residences exhibit a blend of classic charm and contemporary beauty. With classic architecture and luxurious interiors, you can elevate your lifestyle and make every occasion a celebration of comfort and sophistication.

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