What Is the Modern and Traditional Kerala House Style?


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Mar 27, 2024

Two pictures showing a cozy living room and a stylish dining room with elegant furniture and decor.

An elite interior design firm embraces Kerala's rich cultural legacy and tropical charm by embracing the state's unique housing style. They combine elaborate woodwork and vivid colours, drawing inspiration from traditional architecture, to create warm environments that blend in with the surroundings. The spirit of Kerala's beauty is captured by vaulted ceilings embellished with intricate carvings, teak furnishings exuding timeless elegance and breezy verandas affording calm vistas.

The best interior designers in Bangalore combine modern comforts with traditional touches and represent the soulful spirit of Kerala living by fusing authenticity with utility.

Understand Different Kerala-Style House Interior Designs

A dining room with a wooden ceiling fan and table.

Cee Bee Design Studio is a top interior designer in Bangalore that specializes in creating rooms that capture the essence of Kerala-style bungalows' timeless charm while skillfully fusing traditional and modern design elements. Inspired by the classic charm of Kerala's architectural legacy, our designs encapsulate this distinctive housing style, introducing a little of Kerala to Bangalore houses.

Excellent Woodworking and Artistry

Two pictures showing a cozy living room and a stylish dining room and wall art.

The top interior design firm, Cee Bee Design Studio, considers that Keralan house design is embodied in its wonderful woodwork and artisanal craftsmanship. They include intricate carvings and elaborate descriptions in their designs, taking influence from Kerala's traditional dwellings. Everything from elegant entrances with floral designs to finely carved wooden ceilings is a testament to the rich cultural tradition that has been passed down through the ages.

The Kerala-style bungalows include teak wood, which is widely recognized for its strength and beauty. It is used to decorate the walls, furniture, and other elements of the room. Every element, from handcrafted furniture to elaborately carved doors, is carefully picked to evoke the classic grandeur of Kerala's traditional homes.

Modern Kerala Villas

Two dining rooms with wooden dividers. One has a rustic charm, while the other is more modern.

Modern Kerala villas give a contemporary interpretation of Kerala's architectural heritage, in contrast to traditional residences. Accept the unique design elements, minimalist aesthetics, and clean lines that characterize modern life, as offered by Cee Bee Design Studio. A feeling of elegance and refinement is created by the floor-to-ceiling windows, which frame expansive views of the surrounding countryside.

Sleek furnishings and finishes complete the look of your Kerala-style bungalow in Bangalore. Their modern Kerala villas take advantage of the area's natural beauty and effortlessly combine indoor and outdoor living areas.

Constructing Harmonious Environments

A cozy living room with a rustic brick wall and a comfortable chair.

This design which should always be easily associated with the given location is the key to the methodology used by them. Large panes of glass allow a lot of the natural light to brighten up the space and in a way, it creates a sense of indoor-outdoor living.

Additionally, the green surroundings and nature's beauty all together make the setting more calming and peaceful. Each space is designated to create a close relationship with nature; all the little courtyards as well as large verandas are reminiscent of the tranquil atmospheres in Kerala's natural scenery.

Modern, Eco-Friendly Home Design

Vintage clock displayed on wooden cabinet.

Do you consider getting a gorgeous yet eco-friendly and environmentally sound house design? Don't hesitate to look through the last environmentally-friendly house model to see the difference. This type of home is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they draw their inspiration from green and eco-friendly features. It is also a great opportunity for people who desire to live less carbon-heavy and sustainably lifestyles because it is made with organic materials like bamboo, jute, coconut shells and wood. In this respect, the eco-friendly house design is a fantastic solution for people who want to live in harmony with nature with comfortable and stylish living conditions.

Integrating Traditional Features in Modern Environments

Cee Bee Design Studio skillfully incorporates traditional elements, including sloping tiled roofs and elaborate wooden carvings, into contemporary interiors to decorate your home in a Kerala manner. By carefully selecting materials, colours, and textures, a famous interior designer in Bangalore creates a seamless marriage of old-world charm with contemporary refinement.

Cee Bee Design Studio uses warm tones such as burnt sienna, ochre, and terracotta when incorporating these hues into interior spaces. Despite the rush of Bangalore city life, these hues encourage residents to unwind and relax by evoking a sense of coziness and familiarity.

Incorporating Kerala Design into Functional Areas

Aerial view of a home with a fan and a lamp, showcasing a cozy and well-lit living space.

The living areas, which are the centre of every house, offer a chance to highlight the classic beauty of a Kerala-style bungalow in Bangalore. Use a mix of low seating configurations, vintage wooden furniture, and handwoven carpets to create a cozy atmosphere. Create a warm and inviting eating area by incorporating a wooden dining table with glass tableware.

Soft lighting and wall-mounted lamps will improve the atmosphere. An elaborately embroidered blanket, hand-painted mural panels showing natural scenes, and a wooden bed may all assist you create a tranquil haven in your bedroom. The best interior designers in Bangalore improve the area's aesthetic appeal while also fostering a more sustainable and healthier living environment.


Cee Bee Design Studio's Kerala-style house interior design offers a distinctive fusion of modernity and heritage. They transform spaces into timeless havens of warmth and elegance with a great understanding of Keralan architecture and modern sensibilities. Putting your trust in Cee Bee guarantees, a top interior designer in Bangalore that your house will transform into a haven where classic elegance seamlessly melds with modern comfort.

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